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Kalea Kerner was an electrical engineer focused on taking over her father’s company, until her uncle sat up from his deathbed and healed her broken foot. The miracle of their healing without the aid of recently developed nanotechnology puzzles doctors, especially when other cases of miracle healings are revealed. When the witnesses to the resurrections demonstrate abilities beyond human capacity, both medical professionals and government leaders are desperate to discover why witnesses to the healings are evolving, while the people who healed them are degenerating through their original diseases. These strange events on the brink of the twenty second century unite doctors, scientists, and ordinary people whose lives have been turned upside down grappling with the possibility that something greater than their advanced technology may have come into the world.


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With its clever and sophisticated plot, Progenitor, Book One of The Earthside Trilogy marks the start of an intriguing new series from Moorer who writes with an intelligence that respects both her story and its readers. A highly original and absorbing read, she brings a distinctive literary voice to an ever burgeoning genre but refreshingly avoids trite stereo typical protagonists or backdrops that conform to simplistic tropes where black and white prevails. Visionary Fiction, as its name suggests,  is a literary form that illustrates the process of growth in human consciousness and Moorer employs plot, character, and settings to immerse her readers in a drama of evolving awareness rather than an exposition of specific events. In this way, she gives her characters room to grow and you have to admire her ability to bring the more elusive science fiction elements to life. Creating a real sense of place and purpose into which readers will find themselves drawn whilst reflecting and speculating on the potential evolution of technology and alien intervention.


Superbly written and definitely deserving of a place on your bookshelf, Progenitor, Book One of The Earthside Trilogy is highly recommended!

Is it a miracle? Is it a side effect of increased technology? Or is it something else?


Progenitor, Book One of The Earthside Trilogy                                                                

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