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Pure escapist reading Graye’s series is proving a compelling saga and one you will struggle to put down.  


"A Powerful and fascinating foray into the future of science and its unforeseen consequences"

The Victoria Lie

"A veritable head trip; yet rooted in a believable and sometimes visceral near-future.”


Grey is a high performing student with attitude. Aled is torn between his morals and his desires. They live in a world where those who believe in absolute truth are on a collision course with those who don’t. Society is becoming dangerously polarised and despite a thread of history that binds Aled and Grey together they take opposite sides in the conflict; Grey is recruited by The Project and Aled is given custody of The Proof of Existence.


Against the backdrop of a failing society and experiments to find the link between quantum physics and a supreme being, the real question that unfolds is... "Who chooses your reality?”


Intelligent, and thoroughly thought provoking, Quantum Confessions is the debut novel from author Stephen Oram and it’s sure to prompt much discussion. In keeping with the best of dystopian fiction, Oram takes tantalisingly familiar concepts and instils them with captivating narrative life in a near future setting. It’s a setting that’s discomfortingly believable and in which stark echoes of the present are often found. Wisely understating the presence of near future technology, his plot is surefooted and intriguing with favourable comparisons to Orwell and Huxley being well deserved, but it’s the metaphysical element of his book that makes it truly notable. It’s ever present as a thematic undertone and in questioning the boundaries of our reality he speaks to the universal questions of free will, fate and providence. A relatively quick read, Oram is careful to avoid weightier exposition, but it's clear there's an acerbic mind behind the pen. One that is not only challenging, but imaginative and accessible to his readers as he spins a pleasingly enthralling tale.


By any stretch of the imagination, Quantum Confessions is an excellent debut and one that demands your attention. Hopefully the first of many releases from Oram, it is recommended without reservation!

Stephen Oram  In The BookViral Author Spotlight  

Quantum Confessions

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