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During Arjun Sen’s days in the corporate world, a wise, rapid corporate stair-climbing friend told him, “Arjun, in order to achieve bigger glories, one must make smaller sacrifices in life.” It was clear he was referring to spending less time with family, not being there for children’s special moments, and similar “small” sacrifices in personal life. Now that Sen has learned the hard way, he is reaching out to tell him that you can have both. Seeing his father-daughter future reduced to obligatory phone calls on birthdays and Father’s Day, Sen left corporate America. He started a home-based marketing consulting company in Denver, his 10-year-old daughter’s favorite city, named his daughter as manager, and began the journey of becoming a true father. Sen measures success differently today. His daughter Raka leaves for college in two years, and Sen believes his success is determined by the time he spends with her. This is a story of Raka using all her charm, patience, love, and caring nature to teach her father how to be a better dad and person.


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Heartfelt, practical and wise words that will not only encourage reflection but bring a smile to its readers face, Raising a Father: Memoirs of a dad, challenged by his daughter to live for today's special moments is one of those rare gems of a book that can inspire ideas and ways of thinking that have the power to transform our lives. It’s a relatively short read and whilst not a self-help book specifically, it's filled with timely vignettes, observations and sage suggestions for everything from creating better habits to learning to make good decisions and becoming happier in ways that are meaningful and lasting. Written with frankness, humour, and tremendous empathy Sen’s words may mean different things to different people but his timely reflections and philosophy about life and the choices we make resonates in a powerful way that will lead many readers to reflect on the connections we make and those  relationships we  hold most dear.


A genuine gem of a read that will lead to much reflection for many of its readers,

Raising a Father: Memoirs of a dad, challenged by his daughter to live for today's special moments is certainly recommended.

Time to reflect on life and those  relationships we  hold most dear.


Raising a Father: Memoirs of a dad, challenged by his daughter to live for today's special moments.

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Arjun Sen is a renowned keynote speaker and author of Raising a Father. Through a brutal awakening in 2001, Arjun Sen realized he did not know his daughter. He promptly quit his successful career in the corporate world, and has spent his time since then building a consulting service that allows him to first and foremost be a father. Arjun has been speaking across the country to encourage and inspire parents through his humorous, and sometimes heart wrenching stories.

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