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Ciaran Richards’ father was a soldier. A hero.

But now he’s dead. Or is he?

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0ne of Amazons Top 100 Novels of 2015,

a Top 10 Thriller and Amazon Best Seller


Underpinned by a clever and sophisticated plot, high-voltage superhero action makes for a genre busting thriller in Miracle Man by author William R Leibowitz. A highly original and absorbing read, he brings a unique literary voice to an ever burgeoning genre, but with little interest in trite stereo typical heroes or a world that conforms to simplistic tropes where black and white prevails.

Miracle Man The Speaking Ghost Of Rajpur Winter Front Cover Proof Lords of Misrule cover_only The Gift empbabcov tEARS oF gLASS Toxic Minds cover smaller The Grandfather Paradox a time travel story Another Summer - High Resolution Trout Friends & Other Riff Raff Letters To Strabo Song Of Atlantis Love, Loss and Awakening Inside Moves beyond every mirror Belas Rift Multiverse Doppelgängers Change and the Subconscious Mind Forging Of The Blade Alexandria
out of the ashes Conspiracy of dreams A Flight Without Wings Grow Thin While You Sleep Official Book Cover Art - Full Cover Addiction & Pestilence cover Rea Nolan Martin a1
4   Gravity Bishop's War The Pygmy Dragon LAST EARL AMAZON Dodging Satan front cover 091015 copy Wolves2 Aberesque Cinderella Grows A Spine Reagan
BigBadWolf_0220416_1111 triple jeopardy jolene 2 The Black Fox cover The Well House 2 FromTheSky_Nicassio_02 (1) Fox among SWolves Moon Over Alcatraz Flying a kite SandyWright_SongOfTheAncients_HR WantedAnHonestMan_1800x2700 On the Fifth Night Cover Front_small
BlacknessAwaits_eBook_Final Almost Night green The Confederated Kingdoms Of Bree Love Lies Within Family Secrets - Donna  M Zadunajsky No Story No Business City Times FridayEdition book cover_HR 021815
killing bliss cover 01-14 The Agben School Love and Happiness Armageddon-and-the-4th-Timeline Dark Pursuit autumns child clown evil darkness dob1 Empty Dark mountain Chains The marked file NEFARIOUS Devolution1 lala The Lubyanka Strategy Gaveston glorious ers4 kOTA blood and bourbon steal away Tempus awakening Follies Past BlacknessAwaits_eBook_Final Matt White Deep Unknow Book logo stacys story Summer Letters Bloody Gullets Ellen's War Cover EBOOK LARGE - Copy (2) a tale of a rough diamond TK Cover Cropped Sentinels of the Night 3-12-17 Recusant_Cover_small The Adoption PGLCover_DRAFT Ertera_Book1_Rising Shadows 2017 Twilight of the empire eye of the storm NJ1 All That We Are Fix A Tnagled Web Tamar Sloan Jodie and The Library Card Still Black Remains The Daughter Missing Pieces Blood Of Your Blood Pink Slips Deadly Partnership Black Ice 14 BG Got 1 240x360 Loss Lust and Love Fractured Coming Darkness Complete Pigment Going Gone Devils All The Dead Things Scrimshaw Journey Man (The Richard Carter Novels Book 11) Severed Cover Tabula Rasa The Emperors Horn SWEET ASWANG The Englands I Think I Love You. The Second Cup Nor The BattleTo Be Strong Mary D Brooks TRESSA DeadCold Black & White Firing Of The Crucible 02_Past-Encounters-682x1024 The Potemkin Mutiny Red Riding Hood A Shift Toward Prey Book  Cover_LARGE Just another girl story cover Basaclance Rocky cover SICK PART I Expect The Extraordinary Stainer A Season For Dying Sophie Coming Home She's My Dad Becoming Hero cover SharonKay_RecordOfWrongs_2500px the cedar Tusk by Nathan Hurst 2500x1562 Tomorrows End Cassandras Castle WHA_FLATforeBooks Twisted Secrets For luna Talk To Me 19 BG Mr. Robot S1 240x360 The Eagle & The Child Ferdie and The Seven HighHopescover PROGENITOR COVER  IMAGE Apron Strings adirondack RedDays Sonora Pass Done Growed Up