-Harper Lee

blue sky 5 stars

Poignant and incredibly  powerful,

Ness not only entertains but leaves

us deep in thought.

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Strange worlds Glorious Incorporated Take me home
The Hunted Speaking of Love Outpassage 1 The Boys Of Summer in the night influence The Sound Catcher By Their rules Grays Hill
Imperfect love email The body within Symmetry

There will come a time believers call apocalypse, Scientists call extinction, And we all call the world’s end. I believe the time has already come"


Mystery, passion, magic and the fringes of science fiction meld together in Symmetry, the new novel from author Therese Caruana. An original telling of an apocalypse foretold and an enlightening quest that sees her young protagonist questioning the facts and fictions of her known world. It’s an ambitious tale, both in terms of scope and action that Caruana tells with confidence. 

A broad and wide-sweeping process-based toolkit        

enterprises make the transition to a

process or improvement-oriented culture.


Business process improvement frameworks continue to evolve and with this comes an increasing number of books on the topic. Unfortunately, the quality and content of many fall far short of expectations and it’s often difficult to find those that add any real value, but The Basics of Process Improvement is one that quickly establishes its credentials.

The Basics f Process Improvement

A second chance for true love

and true fulfillment.


Provocatively penned, Darkest Longing is the kind of novel you'll think about for days afterwards. One that is full of unexpected moments of warmth and tenderness that sets us back on our heels and takes us to places we don’t normally go. On this level, it’s the concept underlying Wrights story that proves the most beguiling. Her characters are slick and finely tuned and none more than John though it’s Lily who provides our entrance into his story and the dilemma he finds himself facing.

Darkest Longing LawsOfWrath_Cover

A compelling novel for our turbulent times.


A solidly crafted, high-concept thriller that mixes hot-button issues of election rigging and conspiracy theory, Faithless Elector proves both timely and poignant. McCrone has certainly done his homework and it’s to his credit that his plot stands in contrast to many of today’s thrillers which often seem simple-minded and lacking in genuine depth. Observant and intelligent it’s accurate in its broad strokes without allowing detail to overwhelm his narrative.


0ne of Amazons Top 100 Novels of 2015,

a Top 10 Thriller and Amazon Best Seller


Underpinned by a clever and sophisticated plot, high-voltage superhero action makes for a genre busting thriller in Miracle Man by author William R Leibowitz. A highly original and absorbing read, he brings a unique literary voice to an ever burgeoning genre, but with little interest in trite stereo typical heroes or a world that conforms to simplistic tropes where black and white prevails.


How Far Would You Go To

Protect The Ones You Love?


An injured merman is found washed up on a beach in Maine. After being brought to a special facility, doctors are at a loss for how to help him. Worse, how are they to keep him away from the eager hands of the military? For merfolk have been hiding in plain sight for centuries, and are now torn between sacrificing one of their own—or telling humanity the truth.

underneath-book-cover The Speaking Ghost Of Rajpur Winter Front Cover Proof Lords of Misrule Firing Of The Crucible cover_only The Gift empbabcov The Night of the Eleventh Sun tEARS oF gLASS Missing Alibi tEARS oF gLASS Toxic Minds cover smaller Cover Love DSBv4_1mg Rocky cover WHA_FLATforeBooks The Grandfather Paradox a time travel story FLYING PENGUIN Sniff The Crotch Cover Art FINAL Severance Kill Another Summer - High Resolution Nor The BattleTo Be Strong Mary D Brooks Trout Friends & Other Riff Raff Letters To Strabo Severed Cover Song Of Atlantis Emergence Love, Loss and Awakening Inside Moves beyond every mirror Belas Rift Tusk by Nathan Hurst 2500x1562 The Road to War Duty & Drill, Courage & Capture Multiverse Doppelgängers Change and the Subconscious Mind Forging Of The Blade Alexandria Syn Gingerbread kindle cover Lover in the Nobody Book Cover Call_Me_Pomeroy_jpeg
inside Out out of the ashes The Beast And Me Matt White Confessions Of The First War Conspiracy of dreams Twinkle A Flight Without Wings Apron Strings Done Growed Up Grow Thin While You Sleep Official Book Cover Art - Full Cover Longing For Home Addiction & Pestilence cover Rea Nolan Martin a1 30 Days of perfection Abe Licoln On Acid coinman Circuit Heart her justicenasheed
4   Gravity HighHopescover Bishop's War

A New Level Of Erotic Tension!


With the expected level of heavy breathing and erotic brinksmanship Gavazzoni’s debut manages to strike the right accord from the start with a plot that delivers beyond the mechanical and routine. Refreshingly devoid of clichés the strength of Gavazzoni’s writing comes through in her characters, where creating the right chemistry is crucial, and here she develops a level of erotic tension that is imaginative, convincing and sensual

BehindTheDoor_Large2 The Pygmy Dragon Agile Scrum LAST EARL AMAZON Dodging Satan front cover 091015 copy Tpoaz and The Green Fairieeeeees Wolves2 Aberesque Carpe Diem Cover Cinderella Grows A Spine Carrots The Truth About Caroline Reagan Snow White learns stranger danger
BigBadWolf_0220416_1111 Missing Pieces last cowboy triple jeopardy
Kings Envoy The Joy of Comfort Eating jolene 2 The Black Fox cover The Seventh Seal Matt White Ephemeral Solace The Well House 2 Chasing Victory_E-Book Cover_black font FromTheSky_Nicassio_02 (1) Fox among SWolves Moon Over Alcatraz Flying a kite SandyWright_SongOfTheAncients_HR scent WantedAnHonestMan_1800x2700
dON'T FORGET TO BREATHE Geraint Rory The Bulls of War Cover Peyton 313
Resthaven Archer855 Ancient Guardians The Duck Springs Affair readyforflynn1 Psuedo dragon God on Mayhem Street - Kristin A. Oakley On the Fifth Night Cover Front_small The Drumbeater - cover
Resistant Resurrection The Adventures Of Pebble Beach
Outermen Family Magic Life Love and Lies SandRacer_600x900 john lundy utopia The Phoenix Project cover webgoodreads Just Another Sunday The Drumbeater - cover
Ghost Dancer Timetrap Plague Of Angels the team Formula The Unheralded King eye_dancers_lowres
The Imoortal Coil The Well House Shadow On The Sun The Jewel Of Karma il-wzrgDKYNH0IrpNYwAcy8xtZnjzLgfdVzIRq6dqD8
Beyond The Brink Lizzies_Story_Kindle_JPEG Backward compatible LawsOfWrath_Cover Thoughts Of A PURE mIND ARoseinNoMansLand_w7225_300 (2)
BECover-03 Beso Dulce NewLWCover OOBA-cover_2013-LG (1) Conspiracy of dreams Comanche Dark Layers Capture Demons Within
PartingLinesCover The Birr Elixir 2-2 TheMagicofDragonfly_LRG Tight Spiral_Michael J Gill crow creek Naked
AranyaKindleCover4-Final1000 A Table In Berlin Cover Luck-of-Madonna-13_6x9TP-K_CVR ShroudedinBlankness captive Hiatus BlacknessAwaits_eBook_Final Almost Night green ImmolationTest10 The Confederated Kingdoms Of Bree Confessions Of An Ebook Virgin Love Lies Within Family Secrets - Donna  M Zadunajsky No Story No Business City Times FridayEdition book cover_HR 021815
The Captive Queen witchhunt Wendy Scott Genetically Privileged Kindle
The 911 Machine cover - Jan 2015 - full res Nowhere NJ killing bliss cover 01-14 effortless Ghost In The Closet Currents Deep and Deadly Lady In Red Taken Away SOCIAL MEDIA Fotuitous_JPEG The Agben School Love and Happiness Queensboro Front Cover Revealed Cover v6 Armageddon-and-the-4th-Timeline Once Upon a Highland Moon (1) Dark Pursuit autumns child clown evil darkness dob1 Empty Dark mountain Chains The marked file NEFARIOUS Devolution1 lala The Lubyanka Strategy Gaveston glorious ers4 kOTA blood and bourbon steal away All The Dead Things Tempus awakening moonhare Follies Past BlacknessAwaits_eBook_Final Matt White Deep Unknow BlacknessAwaits_eBook_Final Book logo Dead Mens Tales stacys story Goodbye Bombay MoojieLittleman_COVER6 Kellens Tempting Mate best books about celebrity stalkers Summer Letters Bloody Gullets The fall of icarus Ellen's War Cover EBOOK LARGE - Copy (2) a tale of a rough diamond TK Cover Cropped A Chronicle Of Chaos