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The Language Of Love Has Never

Been So Intoxicating

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Decode the mysteries of white horses, crop circles and

ley-lines to save his people? No pressure, then.


Reagan knows he’s nothing special; his mother reminds him often enough. Being shy and scruffy makes him inadequate in her eyes; winning the Garlanding and scoring 100% on his graduation tests are of little consequence. But his mathematical skills and ability to sense ley-lines are essential to the council for determining the cause of dangerous accidents in the village. Aided by his spirit guide and an irreverent trainer, Kalen, sparks fly when they meet Reeve, daughter of the leading authority on white horses. The quest becomes a race against time as an epidemic claims numerous casualties. Can Reagan find the missing pieces of the puzzle before his perilous gift destroys him, as it destroyed so many chosen children?


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With an innocent charm that quickly grows on you, Jacky Gray’s alternative universe is once more brought to life in Reagan, Book Three in her Hengist - People of the Horse series. A fantasy-laden adventure that benefits from meticulous research, Reagan romps along with Gray always finding the right balance between medieval and contemporary settings. The plot is compelling, the characters superb and the writing excellent. It’s the kind of alchemy that, on the rare occasions it comes together, is hard to replicate. As with Gray’s other characters in the series Reagan could have been written in many ways. It could have been written entirely seriously or veering towards the whimsical, but she always gets the balance just right and therein lies the nature of its success. The action scenes are well grounded and Reagan himself is never allowed to descend to the level where he’s little more than a prop for a continuing saga. We believe in him, care about him, and more importantly, root for him from the very start.


A series that’s hard to fault, Reagan continues Gray’s swashbuckling saga with the kind of joie de vivre we’ve come to expect and certainly won’t disappoint. Terrific weekend reading for armchair adventurers it is recommended without reservation.

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Reagan (Hengist - People of the Horse Book 3)

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