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The Language Of Love Has Never

Been So Intoxicating

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Ruby was getting very, very sick of having to hide out at her grandmothers because it was the only place Adrian Wolfe wouldn't follow her. Really, hadn't anyone ever told him that Stalking was not romantic, and that no means no?


A retelling of 'Little Red Riding Hood', in which Stalking because you "can't stay away" is a giant red flag, and the Big Bad Wolf isn't quite so obviously a Villain


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Natasja Rose returns with another of her fractured fairy tales and what may well be her best release to date in the Timeless Tales, Modern Morals series. Filled with delightfully nuanced characters, imaginative consequences and acerbic twists, Red Riding Hood and the Stalker sees Rose take another classic and add a poignant spin of her own. Fairy tales are unlike any other kind of story. They're magical, enchanting tales with uncomplicated happy endings, but life’s not like that and what Rose does with her latest release is make it both timely and affecting by tackling an escalating and socially unacceptable issue. She does this with both insight and empathy yet never forgets to entertain her audience whilst a fully imagined fairy tale landscape and a well-paced narrative keeps her tale succinct. Yes, as you would expect, there are some surprises along the way yet Rose doesn’t depend on a lot of them to maintain suspense and unlike the original on which it’s based there’s no fatalistic ending. Instead, she offers the possibility of change that goes far beyond the boundaries of a fantastical plot, if only we take her words and the moral of her story on board.


Another delightful addition to the fractured fairy tale genre, Red Riding Hood and the Stalker sees Rose’s original series continue to mature into something quite special and is highly recommended.

Timeless Tales, Modern Morals Book 3

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A Best In Genre  Fractured Fairy Tale From Natasja Rose      

Red Riding Hood and the Stalker


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