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Can two civilizations facing extinction come together to survive? It's an interesting premise and one that sets the scene for Colony Earth, the mind warping debut novel from author Regina M. Joseph.


Fearlessly blending mythology, anthropology, advanced technology and political intrigue, Joseph deftly steers away from purist science fiction to create a tale that spans multi genres. A tantalizing and intriguing mix she masterfully employs to explain how humankind exploded in knowledge after the last Ice Age. It’s an ambitious saga and whilst lavish in detail Joseph ensures she doesn’t sacrifice action, only lingering in the detail when it’s not to the detriment of her tale.


Writing with verve and a wicked sense of timing, there are some notably inspired cliff-hanger chapters and opportune surprises that dull the edge of predictability, whilst building a palpable social theme. It works well, encouraging reflection and the ultimate realisation that Joseph is spinning a complex and challenging survival story.


Intelligent and thought provoking, Colony Earth is a fine example of fringe science fiction and marks a notable debut from an author who deserves your attention. Highly recommended!

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Colony Earth

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