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The epic saga that is The Alterran Legacy Series continues with Khamlok by author Regina M. Joesph and she is pulling out all the stops!


Wholly absorbing, Joseph continues to weave the doctrines and rituals of mainstream religions throughout her tale to create a believable timeline of events and ensure characters and plot retain the sense of authenticity she effortlessly captured in Colony Earth.


Ensuring the pace never slows, Joseph uses powerful prose and a multi layered plot to further delve into an alien psychology that is rich and thought provoking in both complexity and origin as the inhabitants of a new Earth society struggle in the face of an uncertain future. Building further depth to her original characters, she adds a few unexpected twists as she challenges the perception of freedom will and governance in her continually evolving world. As with Colony Earth, the marvel of alien technology is an ever present influence and Joseph continues to explore its impact upon religion, war, family dynamics and the perception of magic.


Clever, insightful and endlessly thought provoking, Khamlok is another fine example of fringe science fiction by Regina M. Joseph that will continue to attract a growing legion of fans. Highly recommended!

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