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Richard III – betrayed and defeated!

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Best In Genre British & Irish Historical Literature From Author Marla Skidmore

Renaissance - The Fall and Rise of a King

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About Marla Skidmore

I grew-up in a small medieval city located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, close to Middleham and York where I met and married my soldier husband. After following the flag for a number of years, I returned home to become a full-time mature student. I told my family 'it will only be for four years,' - seven years later I emerged with a BA Hons in English and History; A Masters in English Literature and went on to teach in further and higher education.


Renaissance has been well received by the book reading community. It is recommneded as a 'Good read' by the influential team of Writers and Reviewers 'Discovering Diamonds' they also declared it winner of the month in May 2018 for Book Cover Design. And to my enormous delight Renaissance was announced a winner in the Fiction cateorgy of the 2018 Georgina Hawtrey-Woore National National Literary Awards for Independent Authors.

His gaze sweeps over the bloody carnage surrounding him. A cry goes up: “We have found the king!” He sees Henry Tudor standing triumphant over a mauled and battered corpse and hears him whisper, “It is done. England is mine.” How can this be, when he is not dead?


With the help of his celestial mentor Father Gilbert, a Franciscan monk, Richard will learn that malign Tudor propaganda has not reigned supreme and that history did not entirely paint him as the child-killer king. Will he grasp the chance of renaissance and exit the spiritual purgatory that has held him hostage for more than half a millennium?


Our review......

An enthralling blend of fact and fiction, Renaissance - The Fall and Rise of a King proves a timely reminder that the victor has always written history. Proving not only highly entertaining, but sure to prompt serious reflection. Much has been written about Richard III whose death marked the end of the Plantagenet dynasty. William Shakespeare famously depicted his Machiavellian rise to power and subsequent short reign, but this isn’t a novel about Shakespeare's hunchbacked villain. Yes, we pick up history and familiarity as we go along, but the inspiration behind Skidmore's prose gives us an entirely different perspective. One in which the machinations of power have taken a decent man and wholly maligned his character. Benefitting from extensive research and Skidmore's acerbic prose we find a man locked in purgatory where through reflection and the calming guidance of a monk named Gilbert we come to know Richard for his bravery, wisdom, sadness and guilt over the murder of his nephews. “Forgive yourself and shed your feelings of guilt and shame, Dickon,” Gilbert commands but it’s not an easy thing for a King whose name has become a watchword for evil to do. The centuries are quick to pass as society evolves and when Skidmore finally brings us back to present times and his reburial in Leicester on 26 March 2015 it makes for a cracking denouement.


An original and applaudable debut from Marla Skidmore which is sure to appeal to fans of historical fiction and avid historians alike, The Fall and Rise of a King is recommended without reservation.

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