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Chaos had been wrought by the short cycles of the Universe’s timewave, and those cycles were spiraling toward an ever-quickening ending. Alterra’s surface has been reduced to a barren wasteland. Earth has been devastated by a comet. With Alterra no longer a utopian garden, it falls upon Anu to lead. Sinister forces confront him at every turn. Can he defeat his enemies and reinvigorate his people to ensure their survival? Anu’s most trusted ally, his son En.Lil, faltered on Earth and must now prove his worthiness to serve as Alterra’s future leader. Supreme Leader Ama demands it, and he won’t forgive. En.Lil is torn. There must be a deep meaning to his suffering, some vital task left undone. Earth is the key to their survival, and he must discover the entrance to the spirit world and learn its meaning. The lives of his Earthling son and the families who followed him to Khamlok depend on it.


Powerful, pervasive and fascinatingly thought provoking, Resurrection is the third book in The Alterran Legacy Series by author Regina M. Joesph and it's an absolutely cracking tale. As with the previous books in the series, Joseph weaves fact and fiction to create a tale that is original in conception and execution. An intricate reimagining of earth history and the influence of extra-terrestrial civilization, her descriptive ability creates a compelling and immersive world which is thoroughly enthralling. Delivering a tantalizingly plausible vision of unexplained aspects of evolving civilization it has all the elements of great Science Fiction, but it’s Joseph’s attention to detail that really sets her books apart. Combining meticulous research with the mechanics of great storytelling, it makes for pure escapism and an unquestionable belief in the legitimacy of her characters. Their technology, politics, beliefs and the influence they have exerted in creating the foundations of our modern world, The Alterran Legacy Series is truly epic Science Fiction that would transition well to multiple mediums.


Brimming with imagination and masterfully told, there is more than enough to sate the appetites of the most ardent SF fans in Resurrection.  Another notable page turner from author Regina M Joseph, it is recommended without reservation!.

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