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What if all religions were stories, and all stories were true? It’s a tantalizing question and succinctly sets the scene for Death Of The Body, a spectacularly dark urban fantasy from Rick Chiantaretto that will leave you questioning what you thought to be true.


It is always a real pleasure to come across a book that is unashamedly different and you know Chiantaretto has delivered something rather special from the very first page. Deliciously dark, wickedly sharp, subtly laced with horror, he takes elements of religion from across the world and weaves them into a tale that will not only entertain, but without apology provoke. He demands that you engage with his characters and in return he serves up graphic detail that will all but paint Death Of The Body in technicolor before your eyes.


A fine example of Urban Fantasy that will surely mark Chiantaretto as an author to watch,  Death Of The Body will beguile and entrance you to  the very last turn of the page and leave you wanting more!  A must read for fans of the genre. Highly recommended!

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Death of the Body

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