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When a murder occurs in an exclusive swingers’ club, DI Wednesday and DS Lennox find themselves immersed in a murky world of sex and secrets. It doesn’t take long for the members to turn on one another, and for their clandestine affairs to come crashing into their everyday lives. As Wednesday experiences the pressures of work and caring for her mother’s mental illness, and Lennox’s ex-wife has him worrying about the sustainability of his role as a father, their case brings about questions of personal freedom and they begin to wonder if we are all, in fact, owned in one way or another.


A scorching tale of deviance and intrigue, Rightful Owner is the latest release from author Hemmie Martin and it isn’t easily forgotten. Crossing genres, it is first and foremost a crime novel, but aspires to more as Martin weaves together a narrative that nicely contrasts the personas of her leading characters and explores the darker sides of desire. With plenty of forward momentum the plot is driven by Martin’s flair for dialogue and vibrant well observed characters with none more alluring than her protagonists Wednesday and Lennox. Both strong and capable their characters make for a steady contrast to the frustrations they experience as the case they are investigating evolves. Refreshingly devoid of trite prosaicisms, Martin judiciously adds depth with well-considered emotional detail and back story to bring this to the fore as she paves the way for a surprising and ultimately satisfying conclusion.


With an intelligent and competently executed plot, Rightful Owner proves a hugely entertaining read that is sure to attract a host of new followers to Hemmie Martin's gripping series. It is highly recommended!

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Rightful Owner

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