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What if that secret also protected your loved ones? For Emperor Cassius ruling the magical Empire of Ertera means keeping such secrets. His secrets unravel with the discovery of forbidden black crystals, threatening the safety of Ertera and the future Empress.


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For avid fans of Fantasy Fiction seeking something genuinely memorable which will sweep them away to a world of magical adventure, Rising Shadows may well mark the end of their quest. Immediately enthralling, laden with opulent characters and with the most intriguing plot, it may be a debut novel for Meraki but she’s hit the ground running with an epic series in the making. It takes a lot to stand out in such a popular genre, especially when it comes to creating imaginatively rendered worlds but Meraki takes it in her stride and in doing so proves she is an adept storyteller. One who is comfortable staying loyal to genre tropes whilst still making them feel fresh and original as Lira and Megara are thrust into a power game where the stakes are beyond measure. Her story is rich in detail but not cluttered by it, doing exactly what it should do by sweeping readers up into another time and place, into a world they will be sad to leave.  Underpinned by strong character and dialogue development which is refreshingly free of faux-classical baggage she creates an emotional connection with her readers which is hard to deny.


Raising the stakes for the next outing in Meraki’s Ertera series, Rising Shadows embodies the enduring appeal of the genre and is strongly recommended.

Fantasy Fiction You Won't Want To Put Down From Michelle Meraki

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Michelle Emberstar Meraki (1367 L.H.) was the most skilled path creator to new worlds in all Jérin. Her many research expeditions contributed valuable information to the academic societies of Argara. She explored many realms with her inventions and each quest was successful; until she forged the mirror-ring. The mirror-ring was Michelle’s grandest invention; it opened a portal to a planet in a distant galaxy. Overcome with wanderlust Michelle ventured through the portal but in her eagerness, she forgot to secure her way back home. Her nemesis, Xelara Nephane, snuck into Michelle’s workshop, overpowered her beloved, Balthazar, and destroyed the star shards that stabilised the portal. Michelle realised her error too late and found herself stranded on the foreign planet called Earth. Yet fortune favoured her and kind, loving people took her in. They cared for her as their own and Michelle became part of their family. Since people thought her insane for telling her stories Michelle’s family encouraged her to write them in books. Some might call Michelle’s books fantasy novels but writing is the only way she kindles hope to return to her beloved Balthazar and Jérin.

Would you keep a secret if it

made you look guilty of murder?