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With too many crime thrillers merely scratching the surface of authenticity, it is always a boon to review the extraordinary and with a career seasoned former Detective Inspector behind the pen, By Their Rules is as good as it gets.


A vivid and persuasive debut novel by Roger A Price; centring on the insidious activities of a vicious African gangster and his criminal involvement in sex trafficking and drug smuggling, he brokers a legitimacy which research alone might never equal. Delivering a riveting tale from the first page turned, detail and characterization are his forte and they resonate throughout. Never opting for the lesser option of leaving it to his readers to connect the dots, Price sets out to immerse them and in doing so delivers a rich and enthralling plot that proffers a legitimate glimpse into the world of covert operations and the lives of those tasked with shielding the public. It’s not for the faint hearted, eschewing the predictability more often found in lesser works and is sure to sate the most voracious appetites for crime fiction.


Authentic in tone and tenor, By Their Rules, is an uncompromising debut from an author who deserves your attention. A must read and highly recommended.

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By Their Rules

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