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Author Alan S. Blood  - BookViral Spotlight Review

Rogue & Royal

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A 17th Century Tale of

British Political Crime, Espionage and Intrigue.


After the misery of Oliver Cromwell's republican 'Protectorate', following the execution of Charles I, his son is restored to the throne. Britain thankfully returns to monarchy. King Charles II is different to his father. He is roguish, and nicknamed 'The Merry Monarch', loving festivities, gambling and horse racing. His Queen, Catherine, fails to produce an heir, yet he has many mistresses and fathers several illegitimate children. Highly intelligent, he has innumerable interests and furthers both science and astronomy. Although much happier, his reign has problems. Essentially needed is a balanced religious tolerance between Catholics, Protestants and, alarmingly, the rebellious Nonconformists, whose terrorist 'Fifth Monarchy Men' pose constant threats. Amongst these is another 'Rogue', religious fanatic, womaniser, kidnapper, suspected 'double agent' and a thief renowned for the most spectacular heist, ever, for which he should have been executed. Instead, as one of our greatest mysteries, he is pardoned by the King.


Our review......

A riveting and ably pitched historical novel, Rogue and Royal is the latest release from Alan S. Blood. Writing in a genre often marred by trite and predictable plots, he clearly has a passion for historical accuracy. Nimbly weaving fact and fiction into a lively narrative whilst the undercurrents of unrest and dissatisfaction of the era are captured with laudable acuity and consistency to create a palpable sense of time and place. Populated with intriguing and unforgettable characters, it proves a highly entertaining and meticulously constructed read that benefits from Blood’s acerbic pen. From the very first page you know this is one of those books that demands a slow read to be really appreciated. There is intricacy at play here and Blood manages the devices of plot to avoid the curse of predictability, with plenty of dark moments to maintain tension and suspense. On this level it’s less an adaptation of historical events, but the amplification of key moments that allow readers to peer behind the veil of time to events that linger long beyond the page.


Powerful, thought provoking and highly entertaining Rogue and Royal has all the hallmarks of a bestseller. Deserving of your attention, it is recommended without reservation!

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