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The Author......

My name is Kevin Hollingsworth and I would like to touch your heart. I would like to bring a love so special to your tender soul after your heart has been touched. Bring love to your spirit after your heart and soul have been fulfilled. Bring love to your being after your heart, soul, and spirit have together realized this great wonder. Love brings happiness to this life; happiness and more is what I want for you.


Our Review......

Remarkable for their succinctness, the poetic reflections in Kevin Hollingsworth’s collection, Romance With A Touch Of Love, prove a genuine joy to read. Humbling and yet striking in their simplicity and creative imagery we are reminded of the wonders of romance and the raw emotional power of love,  with short but explosive prose that dazzle the imagination. Hollingsworth wants us to know that love is integral to life and puts his craft to situations that call for a rare blend of lyricism and reason. This may be a quick read, but be assured there are no throw-away insights. His choices are absorbing, and unpredictable, but Hollingsworth’s radar for the right prose is often uncanny. In delightful and wise renderings, they will open your heart and soul to the lover inside and out. If books of poetic reflections about love end up being the only such books you ever read, then this one will have done its job both for love and the written word.


Beautiful to the last, Romance With A Touch Of Love is a wonderful introduction to the words of Kevin Hollingsworth and is recommended without reservation.

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Romance With A Touch Of Love

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