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When a community has barely recovered from a ruthless serial killer six months earlier; now two more horrifying murders hit the radar again. It leaves police burdened with two of the most shockingly contaminated crime scenes ever documented in California’s law enforcement history. The Slayer works behind the scenes as a sinister puppet master, precisely pulling the strings, taunting the police without leaving any viable evidence, and orchestrating his killer hit squads. The sheriff and district attorney bring in the best investigators. Reunited again, Dr. Chip Palmer, a reclusive forensic expert, joins DA Inspector Kate Rawlins to sort through the crime scene aftermath in search of the truth—all without a probable suspect or a solid motive. Complicating the investigation—sparks reignite between the two.


Ratcheting up the suspense, Chip suffers a nasty fall hitting his head, impairing his perception and giving him a mind-blowing ability for specific detailed recall. Palmer and Rawlins assemble an unusual team including a rookie detective, a forensic supervisor, and an ex-military operative turned bodyguard. After one of their own is kidnapped and the investigation is taken over by the FBI, the now rogue team must pull together their own resources—alone—with a killer waiting to take each one of them out. Scene of the Crime takes no prisoners and leaves everyone fighting to stay alive.


Our review......

Confident, with a bustling plot and a protagonist in Chip Palmer who is both original and appealing, this is a worthy follow-up to Chase’s excellent Body Of The Crime. Being an accomplished Criminologist, Chase has plenty of resources to draw on to masterfully control the flow of information whilst her ability to handle tension always makes for intelligent page-turners. Needless to say that in a genre driven by suspense there’s plenty of it as Palmer and Rawlins assemble an eclectic team. With vividly realized characters, well drawn and complex, from how they relate to and ultimately perceive one another Chase delivers multiple cliffhanger moments underpinned by an exemplary narrative whilst her finely tuned ear for dialogue once again demonstrates an enviable ability to create a powerful and emotional connection with her readers. Filleting tensions and loyalties to keep us turning the pages Chase clearly has her sights on another series with the same gravitas as her Emily Stone books and she looks set to succeed.


An absolute pleasure with a denouement that is entirely convincing the combination of intrigue and thrills make Scene Of The Crime well worth a read and it is highly recommended.

Scene of the Crime - A Chip Palmer Forensic Mystery

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