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Very occasionally you pick up a book and from the very first page you know you are reading something quite special.


"A Powerful and fascinating foray into the future of science and its unforeseen consequences"

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On the surface of a sphere twenty kilometers in diameter, beneath a sky of swirling blue that offers light without a sun, there lies a city like no other. Hodgepodge personalities eke out something akin to survival, even a meager form of community. But City’s streets have begun to change abruptly, and one individual has left City of his own free will.


A path through frightening chaos leads either to opportunity or the further erosion of City’s bleary existence. A philosopher and a waitress both seek answers, in their own way and in their own times. Just as their paths diverge, so are they one in the same. For in City, perception itself has the effect of altering reality, and surviving the calamity will depend not so much on what its citizens do, as what they notice.


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With far too many novels seeming to come from the recycling bin these days, Schrödinger's City is cut from new cloth and wholly original. With a labyrinth plot which coils back upon itself, redefining everything and then throwing it up in the air before redefining again, it’s a novel that rightly deserves your full attention with Buscemi achieving pitch perfect balance between narrative and style. Refreshingly devoid of archetypes, what pushes it to the upper echelons of great writing is Buscemi’s canny ability for creating intricate shifts in reality and perspective which is sure to engender much reflection. The dark world it presents has the familiarity of other postmodern fantasy noirs and in common it doesn’t offer a stereotypical denouement. Buscemi’s characters are well developed and cleverly nuanced and yet it’s their essence rather than presence that draws us to them. Despite the deliberately disorienting hoops of Buscemi’s plot this creates a powerful emotional centre which reminds us of the human need for love and companionship, but above all a sense of belonging and the inherent need to keep seeking it, despite all odds.


An extraordinary addition to the genre and a powerful introduction to the mind of Matthew P Buscemi, Schrödinger's City has all the hallmarks of a classic and is recommended without reservation.

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People appear in City. People disappear from City. And upon both entering and leaving, no one remembers their names.


Schrödinger's City

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