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"Welcome to Tuesday the 23rd of October, the day I'll kill my sister and start a war with the undead." A family tragedy. A boy haunted by guilt. A village hiding a bloody secret. Six years ago, something terrible happened to Tom. Now he must return to the scene of the tragedy and face the dark consequences of his actions. Only he stands between the village of Little Sickle and its annihilation by an army of vengeful, undead pirates.


Our Review

A delightfully dark and immensely enjoyable Paranormal Fantasy for YA readers Scrimshaw sees Woodward on fine form. Making every word count, his characters are perfectly pitched, charmingly observed and immediately endearing for their eclectic foibles and the peculiarity of the circumstances they find themselves in. Woodward has a knack for creating striking images with sparse prose and as with All The Dead Things, his characters have a certain emotive resonance that has them all but leaping off the page. From Tom’s angst over Nuggets death to India’s quirks these are characters tailor made for the big screen. Underpinned by an imaginative plot with plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way Scrimshaw is also a story of redemption and reconciliation and in this respect, Woodward’s paranormal elements are the perfect plot device to bring this to the fore. Toms guilt and pain is almost tangible with Woodward ably capturing the essence of teen-speak, especially its glib jibes and prickly put- downs whilst his ghostly apparitions are so well rendered you’ll feel the temperature drop as you turn the pages.


Neither a sequel nor a prequel to All The Dead Things Scrimshaw does expand Woodward’s paranormal world and fans of his first release will find themselves justly rewarded for turning the pages whilst the up and coming release of Dead Weapons will leave them chaffing at the bit for more.


Another superb release from Woodward and recommended without reservation Scrimshaw is an absolute must read for fans of this ever popular genre.

YA Paranormal Fantasy From Award Winning Author Simon Paul Woodward


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A young adult, horror-fantasy; a tale of

guilt, grief and redemption set in contemporary Cornwall.


About Simon Woodward

Simon Paul Woodward is an award-winning writer of young-adult dark fantasy and horror stories including All The Dead Things. He lives just south of London (London, England  not one of the 10 Londons in the USA, the London in Kiribati or the asteroid 8837-London; it’s best to be precise about these things). Before he didn’t live on an asteroid, he was born in the Midlands and studied in the North. His accent is a mess.

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