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"I shall give you what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has touched, and what has never occurred to the human mind." -Gospel of Thomas


Struggling to find his calling Peter Mandes meets a determined researcher, Alex Mostovolov, who becomes his mentor. Peter joins him on the final leg of a 20-year hunt to Mexico’s pyramids in pursuit of an ancient key scroll that reveals Biblical Time Travel secrets. Trapped between the rising tension for the priceless secret and his own spiritual struggle to discover God, Peter shifts the focus from finding scrolls to a more profound pursuit: to validate his faith and reconnect humanity to their Creator. A historical thriller, Scroll Back dares to explore scriptural alternatives with bold insights into Christian beliefs in a setting of ruthless power


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Highly intriguing and captivating with a genuine twist on a classic formula, Scroll Back is the new novel from Jay and Steven P. Stamatis. Unlike many time travel novels that suffer from failed attempts at originality and complexity boarding on confusion, here the authors ably manage to avoid both by not trying to surprise and shock the viewer. Instead, they encourage the suspension of disbelief by offering readers a 'what if' so believably presented they can put themselves in that situation and question themselves in a way they normally wouldn't do.  The result is an elegant and thought provoking read that straddles several popular genres whilst meticulous attention to detail brings the historical and theological aspects of the plot to life. It’s a novel that commands the reader’s attention with cleverly orchestrated twists and turns circling back to the wonderful final reveal. Compelling and thought provoking, this alone is reason enough to read it, but in the final analysis it’s actually the characters that really make this book. They’re particularly well nuanced with great back stories that will leave many readers reflecting on the different directions history might have taken us in.


An all round excellent read that will garner much interest in future releases from Jay and Steven P. Stamatis, it is highly recommended.

Authors Jay Stamatis and Steven P. Stamatis  - In The Spotlight

Scroll Back

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