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The plot......

“There's also a twenty percent chance you'll contract herpes. What's the chance you'll contract love?” At age 37, Jason Purdue is done with sex in general and romance in particular. He’s even happy that the sperm he sent to a cryogenics lab to be frozen is set for termination. Or is it? When an email informs Jason that his sperm is missing, he begins a frantic, cross country search for the possible recipient. Is it free spirited Sheila, enigmatic Christina, or serious Gabrielle, who is carrying Jason’s future baby? And why does he need to find out anyways? Searching for Swimmers is a story about birth, bewilderment and bibaciousness for the cynical underachiever in all of us.


Our review......

Funny and charming, Searching For Swimmers by Casey Claunch proves something of an enigma. There are a lot of feel good books to be found on the shelves, many sharing the same formulaic elements, but whilst some make the grade too many come across as trite and manipulative. It’s definitely not the case here. The premise of Claunch’s story is unique and earnest with a well-chosen cast of characters and a protagonist that readers will readily relate to. Yes, it’s primarily a comedy, but Claunch adds genuine sincerity to the mix and together they are not only infectious but create a strong sense of identity which set his characters apart. With a strong and appealing protagonist in Jason there are scenes that will tug at the heart strings whilst others will have readers laughing out loud. In less capable hands a novel like this might have come across as mawkish, but even when it descends into sentimentality Claunch is sure to let the humour shine through and this makes it a genuine joy to read.


With winning moments that will make you smile, Searching For Swimmers proves  a strong debut for Claunch. A must add to your summer reading list, it is highly recommended.

Author Casey Claunch  - In The Spotlight

Searching For Swimmers

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