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Paula was born ten years after her immigrant family moved to America from Poland. Values of the old country were instilled in her from birth and throughout childhood. Those values would never diminish. They would help to give her character and moral strength as an adult. Her father was a strong man with high morals. He was a man of faith, tradition and structure. Sometimes, while growing to adulthood, she didn’t understand why he was so strict. Why couldn’t she do many of the things her school friends were allowed to do? She often wondered about that, and as a teenager often resented her father’s heavy hand.


As an adult she realized it would be hard to find a man as structured and loving as her father. She searched around the world.


Thoughtful and engaging, Seeds of the Past, Paula’s Journey by author R. C. Burrows proves a delightful historical read as Burrows takes his readers on a vivid  journey of discovery. Ably capturing the ambiance of his chosen period and settings this is Paula’s story, her path from adolescent to womanhood with the tribulations of love being central to her tale.  It’s a little sad at times, but there’s a genuine honesty to the prose with Burrows rendering astute, honest and believable characters that quickly materialize in the mind and bring an undeniable sense of authenticity to his tale. A tale  tempered with relevant and often poignant social commentary, it’s clear Burrows has a keen eye for detail which he uses to capture the often turbulent changes of the 60s without allowing them to dominate. This is life and love without a saccharine coating and a tale on which many readers will find themselves readily reflecting upon.


An enjoyable, strong and authentic novel, Seeds of the Past, Paula’s Journey, bodes well for future releases from R C Burrows and is certainly deserving of a place on your bookshelf.

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Seeds Of The Past - Paula's Journey

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