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Dominique “Dom” Samuels is a wealthy, reclusive computer genius living a life full of anxiety evoked by tragedy. Her acute awareness of the injustices suffered by minority communities makes a logic-based artificial intelligence program of her own creation preferable to people. Until, that is, a man appears on her doorstep with an ingenious idea that turns her isolated existence upside down.


Rose Jenkins is a tough but compassionate urban school counselor with a mission to protect at-risk youth from the heartbreak of drugs and violence that took away two of her brothers. When another brother, Robert, is released from prison, healthy and free from his addiction, he opens her eyes to a mysterious group with an entirely new take on social justice.


Layla Green is a police crime scene technician who finds herself at the scene of a grisly murder with no physical evidence and an unidentifiable victim. Then Layla’s eidetic memory zeroes in on one solitary clue — a video game console. When a stranger helps Layla and her partner, Rachel Vasquez, access the console’s protected files, things take a twist none of them could have predicted.


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A finely tuned techno-thriller with cleverly orchestrated twists that add up to a highly suspenseful read Shadow Resistance might be a debut novel for B. J. Cyprian but it has all the hallmarks and panache of a first-rate bestseller. Soundly executed, smart and fast-paced, she takes a plausible central scenario, and delivers a power packed narrative, but whilst an increasing number of thrillers centre on protagonists who are overly masochistic, Cyprian genuinely breaks the mould with the enigmatic   “Dom” Samuels. Caught up in the deadly web of the collective she finds herself making unexpected alliances with Layla, Rachel, Rose and her brothers with each bringing their unique set of skills to the fight. And then there’s SARA! Quite simply one of the best A.I. characters you will come across in contemporary fiction. But dig a little deeper and it’s also a poignant reflection of the times we live in. Evoking a strong sense of place, moral choices, immoral certainties and human nature as Cyprian holds us in her grip to not only entertain but leaves us with thought-provoking social commentary on which to reflect.


Pure entertainment and adrenaline-fuelled storytelling

B. J. Cyprian brings a vibrant new voice to the thriller genre and

Shadow Resistance is recommended without reservation!

Three unforgettable women confronted with an unusual opportunity!


Shadow Resistance

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BJ Cyprian has harbored a passion for writing from a young age.  It took her a while to get around to writing her first book because frankly, she wasn’t sure she had anything to say that others wanted to hear.  After years of successfully posting Facebook posts regaling her friends with stories about her life, she thought maybe she did have a unique voice.


Shadow Resistance is BJ’s debut work, centered around injustice, humanity and the history of racial tensions in the United States.  The goal of the writing is not to anger but to make the reader think and try to find the empathy and critical thinking humanity seems to have misplaced. When she’s not writing, she’s driving her wife insane playing Playstation 4, reminding her wife of why she married her in the first place in the form of gourmet cooking, and working to fund all three, (games, food and the wife) in the financial services industry.  

About B. J. Cyprian

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