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The death of a patient in a psychiatric unit leads DI Eva Wednesday closer to the world she's been trying to avoid. Attempting to separate paranoid emotions from reality proves challenging, and having her mother in the unit adds another layer of complication. As Wednesday begins to put the pieces of her case together, she is compelled to hold on tightly to her own sanity as the lives of those around her unravel before her eyes.


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Dark. Moody and atmospheric. All accurately describe Hemmie Martin’s most recent foray into the crime genre with Shadows In The Mind.  A powerful combination of nerve-racking suspense and desperately obsessed police procedural work, it’s sure to keep readers riveted and the pages turning. With pinch perfecting editing, she draws her readers into the life of a detective working on a murder case as the lives of her principle players are forever altered by ensuing events. In the main, she achieves this by eschewing the hipster mannerisms often associated with detectives and putting her characters first. D.I. Eva Wednesday is a woman who happens to be a detective and this is an important distinction because it allows Martin to delve beneath the veneer of her character. It adds depth, allowing Martin to develop a plot with growing suspense. A plot that gets dark at times, but effortlessly conveys the frustrating and exhaustive nature of a murder investigation without pandering to mainstream endings. A point that diehard fans of the genre will certainly appreciate.


Another strong addition to the series, Shadows In The Mind proves a highly engrossing read that's sure to garner a host of new followers for Martin. It is recommended without reservation.

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Shadows In The Mind

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