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The Language Of Love Has Never

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Raunchy Zoe, prude Nola, follow-fashion Myra, indecisive Jody and man-hunter Anona. It’s final year at the Rosemount School, a prestigious all-girls boarding school in Jamaica where parents send their daughters to become ladies; but some girls allow their raging hormones to turn them into renegades. No-nonsense, principal, Lenora Mustafa has her hands full with these girls as she strives to maintain the school’s enviable reputation. Everyone is different in this sisterhood, but they all share a common goal to graduate at the end of this school year. How will final year go?


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A superbly nuanced and captivating novel, She was born a Good Girl proves a genuine delight, with Garfield Whyte effortlessly capturing the highs and lows of his all-girls school setting. Highly readable and unfailingly entertaining it has an openness that readers have come to expect from Whyte’s novels. Most evident in TJ's Last Summer in Cape Cod and Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill he again brings a powerful cast of eclectic characters to life. Coming of age novels remain highly popular but far too many lend themselves to a generic plot and it’s refreshing to find Whyte bringing us something wholly original. In fact, he excels as he draws us into Zoe’s, Nola’s, Myr’s, Jody’s and Anona's individual takes on their final year at the Rosemount School. Certainly a little raunchy at times but what makes Whyte's novel particularly appealing is his ability to inject a powerful sense of realism into his narrative and explore the complex issues of identity without resorting to time-worn tropes.


A fabulous read and another strong release from Whyte

She was born a Good Girl proves a must read and is highly recommended.

Another splendid read from the pen of Garfield Whyte


She was born a Good Girl

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