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Announcing the 2015 BookViral Book Award Winner.

BookViral are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2015 BookViral Book Award has gone to

The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster, the superb debut novel by Scott Wilbanks.

"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."

                                                                                                                                                                                              –Haruki Murakami

The 2016 BookViral Book Award is now open for submissions.

First Prize a $3000 promotions award.

6 Shortlisted Finalists each receive a $500 promotions award.

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Smart, suspenseful, satisfyingly unpredictable, The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster is the debut release from Scott Wilbanks and it wouldn’t be disingenuous to say it’s a bit out of the ordinary. Time travel is frequently used and abused in books and more often than not leaves the reader less enlightened than intended, but Wilbanks has taken a refreshingly different approach. His characters don’t travel through time, they each experience their own natural time moving forward in the usual linear chronological way. What changes is each character's perspective on what they are experiencing over time, and how this informs evolving events.  With a uniformly strong narrative he ably manages to avoid trite paradoxes and quickly encourages the suspension of disbelief because his characters are believable and intelligent and are initially just as sceptical of the time riddle as the reader. On this level it works extremely well, but what ultimately makes The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster a genuine gem of a read is the sense of warmth and emotion imbued within its pages.


By all standards, Wilbanks has delivered an exceptional novel. A boon for discerning fantasy fans and boding well for his future releases, The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster is recommended without reservation.

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Announcing the Six 2015 BookViral Book Award Shortlisted Finalists

FromTheSky_Nicassio_02 (1) Flying a kite The Sound Catcher

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An enthralling and immersive tale of interdimensional romance and peril, Ancient Guardians - Book 1, The Legacy Of The Key by S. L .Morgan is one of those rare gems that crosses multiple genres. Melding the echo of historical romance with contemporary science fiction and fantasy, Morgan brings a real sense of urgency to her narrative as events surrounding Reece unfold. A character drama and epic saga in the making, she’s a confident storyteller who brings a real sense of purpose to her plot. It’s intricate and well nuanced with the requisite romantic tropes that readers are drawn to, whilst  its narrative strength comes from Morgan’s attention to detail in creating her interdimensional worlds before focusing on the characters within them. In doing so, she creates a genuine sense of familiarity which grounds the chemistry between Reece and Levi and allows their relationship to unfold at a natural pace. Needless to say the temperature steadily rises, but it never feels forced and is always pertinent to the story as opposed to feeling like a must add to sate the needs of avid romance readers.


A wonderfully evocative novel that demands a slow and reflective read, Ancient Guardians - Book 1, The Legacy Of The Key marks the arrival of an epic saga. Undoubtedly deserving of your attention, it is highly recommended.

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Bone chilling horror and heart pounding romance come together to make an enthralling read in Don’t Forget To Breathe by author Cathrina Constantine. Winner of the 2015 Reader's Favorite International Book Award in recognition of Excellence in writing, Constantine knows how to weave a riveting and intriguing plot. With a meticulous eye for detail, her characters are nicely nuanced, neatly sidestepping the genre tendency towards stoic stereotypes to deliver flawed real world personas that quickly feel familiar and are ultimately more endearing. In the main, she achieves this through authentic dialogue. It’s a YA novel and Constantine understands her audience. How they interact and more importantly what they want. Close your eyes and you can imagine Leocadia standing before you and the action is well pitched with a number of surprising twists served with perfect timing. In short, it has all the elements reader's expect from the best in genre and it’s sure to keep the pages turning at a frantic pace.


A clever and highly entertaining YA fantasy read, Don’t Forget To Breathe is sure to prove popular with Constantine’s avid fans. A must add read from an author deserving of your attention, it is strongly recommended.

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Action-packed, edge-of-your-seat excitement from the opening chapter, Revealed is Book 1 in The Found series by author Caitlyn O’Leary. An Erotic Romance with Paranormal undertones, O’Leary’s descriptive talents are pitch perfect as she blends strength, passion and vulnerability in her characters to deliver a compelling read. Full of plot twists and turns that are unexpected and surprising it‘s not just character specific nuances that grab the reader’s attention but scene-driven matters which keep suspense to the fore. Needless to say, O’Leary’s prose compel the reader to read onward, but it’s her deft ear for dialogue that adds real vibrancy to her narrative. In short, she blends all the requisite components for a suspenseful adult read that feels enticingly authentic. Graphic and intense at times as she sets out to captivate your senses, the result is a highly engrossing read that will linger long beyond the last page.


Sure to earn Caitlyn O'Leary a spot on your favourite authors list, Revealed proves a sizzling start to an exciting new series and is strongly recommended!

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Tense and suspenseful "The Friday Edition" by Betta Ferrendelli prospers in almost every way possible. The writing is first class and there’s more than enough unexpected plot twists to keep the attention of readers throughout as Ferrendelli pulls her readers into the ensuing drama, but she’s not one to give anything away. Tight, focused scenes create a sense of realism that draw the reader into the story as Samantha struggles to make sense of the clues she unravels. Her life is far from ordinary, but it’s her belief in herself that Ferrendelli explores in atmospheric detail and which ultimately brings Samantha’s much conflicted character to life. In the main Ferrendelli achieves this by capturing the little quirks in typical conversation, the spontaneous explicit declaratives, and the sharp remarks that brings her fated protagonists character into focus. From beginning to end, Ferrendelli generates the kind of edge of your seat intrigue that keeps one glued to the words and the pages turning.


Intriguing, never boring or lacking, The Friday Edition evolves at a cracking pace and proves a riveting read. Sure to meet with approval from fans of the Samantha Church novels, it’s a delight to read and recommended without reservation.

Announcing the 2015 BookViral Book Award Shortlisted Authors

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A smart, stylish and disturbing psychological thriller, The Damaged is a new release from Simon Law that delves deep into the darkest depths of the human psyche. An exercise in reader manipulation, Law sets out to stagger the senses, delivering an exacting plot and noir narrative underlined by a stratum of evil. On the immediate level, Law’s tale is an unapologetic revenge story and it veers between haunting and brutal with each dramatized in the form of Matthew Mason. He’ a complex character. Not bad, but neither is he a very good one and this allows Law to modulate the tension and express the darkest of implications at a pace which quickly gathers momentum and makes the best of his tales underlying themes. There’s truth, deceit, salvation, damnation and subtle morality twists which add palpable depth, but in Mason’s quest for revenge readers are forced to consider the price they would ultimately be willing to pay to right a wrong.


Powerful and undeniably dark, The Damaged makes a welcome addition to the genre and is sure to win Law a host of enthusiastic followers. It is recommended without reservation.

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A riveting Victorian Romance, The Last Earl by Lara Blunte proves a literal tidal force in a genre which often suffers from a lack of originality. Beautifully written in prose that vividly capture Bluntes evocative setting, the mood is further augmented by a bewitchingly vibrant blend of emotion and subtle levity which provides timely relief from the mounting tension. More robust than most period romances; Constantinople makes a refreshing contrast to novels with solely British settings and allows Blunte to really bring Lady Catherine Lytton's spirited questing nature to the fore. She’s the perfect foil for the Earl of Halford’s undeniable charisma and together they make a pair of ravishing romantics. These alone are reasons enough to the turn the pages, but what really sets Blunte's novel on a pedestal is her ability to imbue her pages with a sense of heady eroticism that relentlessly writhes beneath the surface.


A genuine page turner of startling intensity, The Last Earl proves an exceptional read which is sure to be well received by ardent fans of this ever popular genre. Definitely deserving of your attention, it is recommended without reservation.

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