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President Pierce faces a difficult re-election following the terrorist attacks which highlighted his first term. His platform is focused on how they’ve successfully eliminated terrorism with the intercession of an advanced cyber watch network. However, Logan knows the truth. After suffering a devastating loss at the hands of a terrorist cell, Logan begins to push those closest to him away. He welcomes death in an all-out war to avenge the loss of a friend and brother in arms. His intel leads to a failed aerial assault on a terrorist compound in the mountains of Yemen, but a CIA agent deep in country provides a cryptic tale of one pilot’s survival. Logan’s guilt places him in an isolated and deadly situation, forfeiting his life. Logan’s unexplained absence becomes the catalyst, as a catastrophic chain of events begins to unfold in the U.S., crippling the country. In a sick twist of fate, Logan’s placed face to face with the devil he’s hunted for a year, Amir Qasmi, who may provide the only solution to save our country. But is it simply another deceitful lie? 


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A sharp, taut, action-packed military thriller that keeps you engrossed from start to finish, Sins Of The Father is one of those intelligent novels that leaves us in no doubt as to who everybody is, where they are, what they're doing and why. More importantly, Michael Reid Jr is quite exceptional when it comes to building intrigue and suspense. He’s quick to establish the emotional groundwork, portraying Logan as a flawed, conflicted but a still determined man whilst simultaneously conveying the feeling of combat from within as well as unfolding 'real world' events. On this level, Reid Jr gets inside our heads and keeps us on edge page after page. Underpinned by an intricate plot of international proportions his broader cast of characters are robust, well-conceived and imbued with a real-world presence whilst his dialogue is always spot on as he judiciously avoids the prescriptive stereotypes that populate the pages of lesser works. Working on the fringes in a shadowy world that feels disconcertingly real, fans of this ever popular genre should be left in no doubt as to the calibre of the wordsmith behind the pen.


Powerful and highly entertaining, Sins Of The Father proves an absolute must read and is recommended without reservation.

Logan’s hunt has begun


Sins of the Father - A Logan Falcone Novel

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About Michael Reid Jr

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Michael Reid Jr has worked with various forms of government and military branches, drawing on his conversations with these men to develop his story. He has interviewed U.S. Marshals, FBI, Marine Recon, Navy SEALs, and infantrymen. He has talked with high ranking military officers, local PD, firefighters, and EMT’s to determine how certain situations would be investigated and responded to. Mike continues to call them friends, and vows to continue bringing a depth or realism to all his work by researching the topics to the deepest level allowable.

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