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Smiling Again captures Sally’s experience with the removal of a brain tumor and the recovery process. It captures her faith journey while navigating the crisis. She educates the reader on the specific disease and explains how a caregiver can support a patient throughout a medical crisis. Immediately following surgery, she captured her feeling in parallel with her blog while processing the changes in her life.


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An inspirational and informative book with a powerful message, Smiling Again: Coming Back to Life and Faith After Brain Surgery is the debut release from author Sally Stap. People react differently and take different amounts of time to come to terms with life changing trauma and in Stap’s words we find life at its most insistent, lashing out against fate with stubborn resolve. It’s a sobering read, beginning with Sally’s awakening following her surgery and through her frank and honest reflections we are reminded that human consciousness might be the great miracle of evolution, but its faith that ultimately defines us. This theme forms the subtext to Sally’s journey and what proves to be not only a powerful story of recovery, but a well written resource for the brain tumour community. For those who have been diagnosed, friends and the carers who provide vital support. Through her willingness to share her own experiences Stap proves it’s not only possible to beat the physical odds, she demonstrates the lessons to be learned and the incredible faith based strength to be gained in the process.


A wonderful book that deserves wide recognition beyond its core demographic, Smiling Again: Coming Back to Life and Faith After Brain Surgery proves poignant reading for current brain tumour patients, long term survivors, family members, and medical professionals seeking greater understanding.

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BookViral Spotlight Review On Author Sally Stap

Smiling Again: Coming Back to Life and Faith After Brain Surgery