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Jake’s Father is an archeologist who is in Israel to complete a dig on King Solomon’s Temple. As an eighteen-year-old American, Jake is unwelcome by the people in the territory. Defending himself against the townspeople is a constant torment.

Through a map Jake finds on his Father’s desk, he and his friend Avner decide to explore a newly discovered chamber. At the end of a dark and deserted tunnel, Jake uncovers the treasure of King Solomon’s Power ring. He puts it on his finger and feels his life changing.

Jake passes off the ring as a replica, but he starts to hear a voice that belongs to Smith. Smith provides him guidance on how to deal with his newfound powers. Jake wants to learn all he can about his new secret ring. Smith encourages him to sharpen his fighting skills by joining the Army. Is Smith leading Jake to a newfound life where he can become a hero? Or will the decision to join the military endanger his life? Will Jake find out the ring he wears is good or will it be of evil intent? And who keeps trying to steal the ring?


Our review......

A powerful Paranormal Thriller that’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat, Smith is the scintillating new release from Sam B Miller II. Fans of Miller’s The Origin of F.O.R.C.E. series will know he’s a gifted storyteller who is particularly adept at bringing his characters to life and here he makes a genre step change to which he seems well suited. Supernatural novels remain ever popular yet originality seems sadly lacking though Miller acquits himself admirably. Although a relatively quick read he writes with fluid prose and a discerning eye for detail whilst the plot is both intriguing and faultlessly executed. He understands the devices of mystery and suspense yet avoids the need to fall back on tired tropes and this combined with even dialogue and solid pacing creates riveting images for the reader. Images that lend themselves to an eclectic mix of vividly rendered characters that not only tap into our fears of the paranormal but the evil that may lie beneath it.


Fans of Sam B Miller II will thoroughly enjoy his latest release which is sure to have broad genre appeal. A superb start to an exciting new series it is highly recommended.

The past has a way of coming back to live in the present . . .



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About  Sam B Miller II

Sam B. Miller II holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, and a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance, from the University of Tennessee. He has five children and lives with his wife, Susan, and their many dogs, in Northeast Tennessee. After writing a successful Science Fiction 3-book series, Miller has turned his attention upon the mystery of the supernatural. Smith is his fourth novel.

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