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A thousand years after an asteroid devastated their world, the descendants of humanity now survive inside the walled city, Mallis Two. From the irradiated ashes that fill the sky, genetic anomalies like Akara Krosse, and others of the Serpentine Sect, have developed the ability to shed their emotions and physically see the flow of fate. After being hunted to near extinction by the powerful Pramoore family and their police force of psychic agents, Akara and his people have lived in secrecy beneath the technological metropolis, in the ruins of the old world. When the Sect is once again discovered by corporate giant, Daemon Pramoore, Akara finds himself entangled in a treacherous plot to overthrow the government and take control of the city. As his life begins to unravel, not only does Akara uncover Daemon's true motives; he also discovers that his own life has been a lie.


Mutated life forms and psychic anomalies make for compelling reading in Snake Eyes Lie, a thrilling SF debut from author James J Rook. It’s an imaginative and stylish foray into a discerning genre which Rook manages with confidence, his writing notably above par as he captures the essence of a raw and vivid future that is favourably constrained. He hasn’t opted for a vast baffling backdrop and by grounding his tale in one ‘surviving’ metropolis he is able to weave a plot that can be enjoyed without the distraction of weighty science-fictional patois.


Action packed, inventive, bold, it would be easy summarise Snakes Eyes Lie with a few common place adjectives, but there is an episodic familiarity in Rook’s prose that make his tale highly visual. In part this is due to well observed characterisation and the scripted feel to his dialogue. It’s easy to read, yet highly immersive, as all notable fiction should be. There is certainly enough to sate the most voracious of SF appetites but Snake Eyes Lie will also generate enthusiasm for its sequel and an interest in author James J Rook as a notable new voice to the genre. It is highly recommended.

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Snake Eyes Lie : Book One Of The Mallis Tradgey

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