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The title might have you running for the hills but Gary W. Marion's Sniff The Crotch actually delivers a cleverly nuanced read with a good deal of humour thrown into the mix. With a seemingly endless supply of contradictory parenting books on the market, it’s often hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. We live in a twenty-four seven society and yet much of the advice in print is decades out of date. With humour and the understanding gained from raising his own children, Marion’s delivered a timely read that’s surprisingly warm and affirming. It’s cuttingly insightful and refreshingly free of saccharin sentiment, but most importantly it leaves us feeling that perhaps we weren’t the lousy parents we thought we were. He doesn’t profess to be an expert in parenting but don’t let the quick-witted anecdotes detract you from the subtleties of his narrative. As a supply chain consultant, he knows that communication is crucial to supply chain success and the need to keep things simple and that’s exactly what he's done. On this level, it’s a light read, but he still leaves us with much to reflect on. Most importantly how to ensure that the message we want to impart doesn’t get lost in the delivery.


Wholly original, well paced and likely to become a readers favourite, Sniff The Crotch - Horrible Sounding Advice To Give Your Kids (That They'll Remember), really does deserve your attention and is definitely recommended.

Some Of The Best Parenting Advice You Will Ever Get!

Sniff The Crotch by Gary W. Marion

Horrible Sounding Advice To Give Your Kids

(That They'll Remember)

Bishop's War

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About Gary W Marion

The essence of my parenting can be glimpsed in that instant that Bruce Banner begins transforming into the Hulk, but isn’t quite indestructible yet.  Confusion, anger, helplessness, pain and resignation – all shoved into a Vitamix 5200 Blender. Flip the switch to detonate.  That’s me, the Dad, on a good day.


Of all the cajoling and bribing and threatening and begging and lecturing and asking I throw at my kids, I tell them that there is only this they should take into adulthood:


Work hard.  Be kind. That’s it. Work hard – to give yourself the best chance at succeeding, so that you earn your independence, so that no roadblock ever rattles you.  Be kind – i.e. don’t be a jerk, take care of others, and invite your parents for Thanksgiving.

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