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People in Fairytales are far too trusting. But what if they weren't?

Snow White learned at a young age that not everyone has good intentions, and that being a Princess didn't mean that everyone loved her.


There were people who were kind without expecting anything in return, and there probably were old begger-women who were happy to repay a good deed, but this one was far too insistent about being allowed into the house.


In a unique re-imagining of the Classic Fairytale, Snow White learns the value of friendship, sensible precautions, and a good cast-iron skillet.


Our review......

In the tradition of twisted fairy tales that subvert our interpretation of age-old classics, Snow White Learns Stranger Danger proves an enchanting and compelling read from the very start. When it comes to quirky novels with broad appeal Rose brings a delicate touch to her prose that makes for an intriguing and inventive narrative and here she stays close to Snow White's original storyline whilst infusing it with a magic of her own. It’s a relatively short read and yet it’s no simple reimagining. She brings a fullness of life to familiar characters, taking readers down a path that explores strength of purpose, personal choices, truth and identity. On this level, it’s both intriguing and convincing, but more importantly, it is about the people Snow White meets along her journey, the profound effect they have on her view of the world about her and the people she thought she knew.


A highly readable and entertaining sequel to Cinderella Grows A Spine, Snow White Learns Stranger Danger proves a fine addition to the Timeless Tales, Modern Messages series and is highly recommended.

Timeless Tales, Modern Messages Book 2


Snow White Learns Stranger Danger

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