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When Amon Goro, master architect of Atlantis, discovers a way to harness the earth’s forces into an infinite source of clean energy, it seems destined to change civilization as we know it. But 4,500 years later, Atlantis exploration team leader Palen Golendar is brutally captured by a Native American tribe in modern-day South Dakota—derailing any hope Atlantis held of utilizing its energy secrets.


Eight thousand years in the future, Native American anthropologist Gordon Tallbear and his team of highly skilled researchers stumble across a connection between the recent discovery of Golendar’s remains and an intricate cavern system deep in the mountains of Antarcticaa connection that finally reveals the Atlantean secret of perpetual energy. While Tallbear and his team plan to recreate the energy source that will change the world, a wealthy group with deep ties to carbon-based fuel producers decides this newfound energy source must be destroyed—and they will stop at nothing to assassinate the researchers in order to bury what they know.


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A powerful and compelling gross genre thriller, Song Of Atlantis proves a scintillating debut novel for Power and one of epic proportions.  A gifted and spirited storyteller who is clearly adept at bringing the ambience of an ancient and mystical culture to life he spans the centuries in a tale that weaves science fiction, fact and conspiracy whilst weaving a plot that’s both sophisticated and cleverly executed.  With the benefit of extensive research and a meticulous eye for nuance Power embraces the devices of intrigue and suspense to create plenty of forward momentum with a host of eclectic characters who revel in the intricacies of power and subterfuge. It’s on this level that he truly distinguishes himself. The centuries may advance but few facets of human nature change. Desire, ambition, greed, he masterfully manifests the tenet’s of each in a riveting narrative that holds your attention page after page. This really is escapism of the highest order, hurtling along at a cracking pace as past, present and future become intrinsically linked.


A genuinely exhilarating read, Song Of Atlantis is an exceptional debut that is sure to garner broad interest and appeal. Boding well for future releases from Power, it is recommended without reservation!

Can Tallbear’s newfound knowledge survive?


Song of Atlantis

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Brian Power graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and secondary education before earning a master’s degree in international relations.


He is a retired corporate consultant and trainer. He also retired from the US Marine Corps Reserve as a lieutenant colonel where he completed a twenty-four-year career.


Power currently lives with his spouse in Rhode Island.

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