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'I have come home, after a long and difficult journey. I travelled alone and it was sometime before I realised that I had arrived'.


Immediately enthralling, the hauntingly poignant opening line from Speaking of Love sets the tenor for an extraordinary debut by author Angela Young. Not one, but three narratives intimately woven, the echoes of shared and separate pasts, a mystery to be glimpsed in fractured lives as each tale unfolds.  These alone are reasons to read on; fuelling the need to discover how all the pieces fit together, but ultimately it is Young’s deft touch on the subject of mental illness that makes Speaking of Love such a powerful and ultimately endearing tale. Told in subtle prose with flowing thematic currents she ensures her story is never held hostage to the subject, it is simply an everyday tale of loss, recovery, love and ultimately acceptance. It’s the delivery that is sublime.


Beautifully written, insightful and endlessly thought provoking, Speaking of Love is an exceptional exploration of an aspect of our humanity we too often seek to deny, from an author who deserves your attention. A must read and recommended without reservation!

Angela Young - In The Spotlight

Speaking of Love

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