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Michael Dion is an actor, not a detective, but when Amanda, an attractive young actress, asks him to help her find Kyle, her friend's rebellious son, how can he refuse? The gig turns out to be much more than Michael had bargained for. Kyle has fallen into the clutches of small-­time drug dealers. Egged on by Amanda, Michael bluffs and blusters his way to secure the boy's release. The thugs overreact, putting Michael's life at risk until his fellow actors and special effects artists come to his rescue.


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A deceptively comfortable mystery thriller that packs a hefty punch Stage Business is a good reminder of how very satisfying a well-written novel can still be. Like many books in the genre it’s allure depends on its surprises whilst its delight grows out of the characteristics of its protagonist and here Fostaty has it perfectly pitched. Novels like Stage Business often forget to pay attention to the human nature of their characters but Fostaty injects a certain edge which serves him well with enough narrative twists and the kind of refined plot that regularly confounds our expectations and keeps us guessing as to how it will end. On this level, it’s vivid and immediately engaging with readers being left in no doubt that behind the devices of pen and paper resides a finely honed wit. This is most evident in Fostaty’s dialogue which excels beyond the norm and fully captures the essence of people trying to reveal or conceal themselves in his chosen setting and it all makes for a delightful page-turner. But there is also a serious thread that is hard to ignore, and when all of the threads are pulled together we are reminded that no matter which side of the stage we find ourselves we are all prone to the daily posturing, self-doubt and failings that colour our lives.


An exceptional debut and a novel that would transition well to other mediums Stage Business proves a genuine pageturner and is highly recommended.

Winner of the 2016 Whistler

Independent Book Award for Mystery.


Stage Business

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About Gerry Fostaty

Gerry Fostaty was an actor, working on stage, and in film and television for more than 20 years. He now works in marketing, while writing his next book. He lives near Toronto, Ontario.You can follow Gerry @gfostaty


His latest book STAGE BUSINESS is available at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Kobo, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, NOOK, iBooks, or visit the publisher's site to have a look at it. STAGE BUSINESS has been named the winner of the 2016 Whistler Independent Book Awards. http://www.quillandquire.com/awards/2016/10/20/awards-winners-of-first-ever-whistler-independent-book-awards-named/

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