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Upon receipt of your title, our Author Services Manager will assign it to one of our professional reviewers who will read chapters available through Amazons 'Search Inside' feature and available marketing copy. Our reviewers represent some of the finest in the publishing sector with broad backgrounds that cater to every genre.


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We are proud to be highly selective. Our primary interest is in finding well written and above all original books. We aren't swayed by big names or publishing houses, though we have worked with many, and we believe each book should stand on its own merit. We also understand that many Indie Authors often lack the resources to compete with big budget cover designs, so we always consider your words first.


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Publishing is incredibly dynamic and time is a resource none of us can afford to squander. We are proud to provide exceptional levels of service to all the authors we work with and if your book is of interest you will typically receive an email from us in 3 working days. If you do not hear from us, please assume that on this occasion you have been unsuccessful.


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At BookViral we work hard to provide an exclusive and exceptional level of service which is by invitation only. We have never taken longer than 14 days to review a title and we have an author approval rating of 98% but our time and yours is precious so do please read the text below before submitting a title to us.


Facebook group walls are awash with posts touting books, Twitter streams are overrun with book posts and the reality is that readers, in general, are becoming immune to the constant barrage. At BookViral we are proud to be different. We have worked with over 5000 authors in three years, delivering professional and more importantly critical reviews. We have built a platform for promoting books that looks to the long term, not one that offers short-term fixes with a manipulated bump in sales, but little lasting impact in terms of reader awareness. The authors we review and promote understand that writing a book is only the beginning of an awfully big adventure and know we can help them achieve the success they deserve.


At BookViral we are highly selective about the books we review and the authors we work with. We aren’t swayed by big names or publishing houses, we simply want to feel passionate about the books we review and provide the highest level of support to the authors we connect with. We have grown through word of mouth and recommendation, but equally as important we continue to engage with a like-minded community of authors who are committed to building the foundations of success.


If you would like to know more about what we do, our reviews and promotions, simply enter your details and press submit, but before you do let's be clear about two things. First, we take great pride in providing unbiased and critical reviews that provide insightful and informative views on style and content. Secondly, we do not offer free book reviews. Our time is as precious as yours. There's an old saying, "You get what you pay for". Our reviewers are amongst the best in the business and our author services team are renowned for providing the best in author care and attention.  Anyone can write a review, you can find them scattered across the likes of Amazon, but a review has far more influence over readers when it comes from a trusted source, can easily be found by potential readers and remains highly visible across SEO mediums.


If you are an author who connects with our approach, simply submit your details and we will be in touch. Eight thousand plus authors can't be wrong and in the words of Benjamin Franklin   “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!!”

BookViral Testimonials

Missing Pieces

"BookViral is a must-have in any self-published author's toolbox.  They provide a range of services, and depth and diversity of coverage and exposure, unmatched by almost any site on the Internet.  BookViral is a powerful service and one of the best routes to getting solid exposure for my books.


I highly recommend BookViral.  They provide real value - the kind you can't put a price tag on."


Michael Golvach - Award Winning Author of "Missing Pieces" and "Bloody Gullets" and "Fix" (Pre-release date Haloween, 2016)

Effective and affordable, Book Viral proves to be a valuable marketing tool; exceeding expectations on all fronts. Very pleased!  –


MayCay Beeler , coauthor  of multi award-winning “Buccaneer- The Provocative Odyssey of Jack Reed- Adventurer, Drug Smuggler and Pilot Extraordinaire”  

Buccaneer Cover 9781939521088-Perfect 240114 - Cop

"No matter how good a book may be, it doesn’t sell itself, not in today’s environment where the number of new publications is in the thousands per day.  You simply have to promote. There’s no escaping it. And to do so effectively, you need to leverage your voice.


Dollar for dollar, BookViral’s online review and promotion service was easily one of my best investments as an author. More significantly, in an industry where insiders charge an arm and a leg for their expertise, the cost is modest enough to fit almost any budget. I’ll be using them for all my future releases."


Award Winning Author Scott Wilbanks

The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster

"I signed up for a BookViral promotion in July 2014. Before then, my new fantasy release Aranya had been selling several books a day and was rated around #40,000 paid overall in the Amazon Kindle store. The effect of BookViral’s promotion was nothing short of a shot in the arm. Aranya shot up to #14 on the paid bestseller list for Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery, and has enjoyed an extended run on the bestseller list since. Many thanks to Bookviral for making this possible! Their service is excellent and friendly, and comes highly recommended. "      


No 1 Bestselling Fantasy Author Marc Seccia

"I've been working with Book Viral for years now. They've reviewed all my books to date and I trust them wholeheartedly. Their reviews are thorough and thoughtful. The experience, in general, has been incredibly pleasant and I must say professional. There is plenty of detailed communication with the author throughout the process and a lot of promotion on social media sites. I highly recommend Book Viral's services to fellow authors and look forward to working with them again in the future."          

Author Marina Raydun

Just a few of the many testimonials we have received from authors we have been honoured to work with..........

"There are many online sites that offer services that are similar to BookViral and it can be daunting for an author to know which one to use, and more importantly, which one will deliver on their promises and promotions as stated.  Look no further. BookViral not only delivers on what they promise, but they exceeded my expectations, both in their professionalism, and in the invaluable promotion of my book to the world. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them and I highly recommend BookViral without reservation to any author looking for professional promotion and marketing of their book."

Author Steven DeSalvo

The Pygmy Dragon effortless Evolve_Relationships_Small_Cover

Service from Book Viral really helped me to find new audience, readers and expend my editorial reviews that are extremely important. My novel "Black Wings" by Iryna K Combs reached bestseller in its category with a lot of hard work. Book Viral was there to support me every step I made.


Award Winning Author Iryna K Combs, author of amazon bestseller novel "Black Wings".


I have worked with many promotional websites for my book and Book Viral turned out to be the best one I've ever dealt with. Their diligence and organization with regard to the promotion of my novel surpassed any other promotional organization I'd worked with.  The reviews were honest and extraordinarily thorough and were delivered as promised within a reasonable time frame. I have another book coming out shortly and Book Viral will be at the top of my list for promoting my novel.  Thank you, Book Viral, for your professionalism and for always replying immediately to all of my questions.         Author Patricia Yager Delagrange

Moon Over Alcatraz

I have been working with Book Viral for several years now, through three novels and a collection of essays. As any author who has used this service knows, Book Viral reviewers are more thoughtful than most. They have never breezed through any of my books, or posted hasty, incomplete reviews. Their reviewers comment on story and style in detail, providing a rewarding service for authors and a trustworthy service for readers. But that’s half the story.


Everyone knows how much authors hate marketing. Authors want to write, which luxury requires partnering with a service that knows what they’re doing. Book Viral is not only fully competent at book marketing, their employees are also creative and hard working.  Once the review is completed, they post and tweet continuously, sending potential readers to extremely well-conceived Author Spotlight pages that sell books.

I don’t know of any service that makes an author’s job easier.


Rea Nolan Martin is the award-winning author of three novels:




MYSTIC TEA is the recipient of the 2014 IPPY gold medallion and US BEST BOOK award for Visionary Fiction; the 2014 PINNACLE gold medallion in the category of Literary Fiction; and a finalist in the International Book Awards. Her latest novel, THE ANESTHESIA GAME, is the recipient of the 5 Star Readers’ Favorite insignia, 5 star Clarion Review insignia, and the 2016 IPPY gold medallion for Visionary Fiction.

Mystic Tea

“ John, I would like to thank BookViral and your staff for all the support and advertisement. You guys have literally directly contributed to my books being top releases and sellers on Amazon Worldwide.  I highly recommend any Authors debating about using BookViral to do so.  The Copy Marketing essentials were invaluable. I have used Book Viral for all my books and never been disappointed. The support and personal interactions to cater to the author's specific goals is second to none."



C.O. Hunter, author of “How To Train A God: A Unique Perspective On The Meaning Of Life”, “The Earth Experience: How To Understand And Adapt To A Changing World” and “Multiverse Doppelgängers Change and the Subconscious Mind: Understanding Worldly and Unworldly Matters The Subconscious and Dreams”.


New How to Train a God Mar 6 2017

I've come back to BookViral for the third time. The reasons why I give John and the team my business are simple . They are efficient, effective and good value. Their reviews are thorough, professional and their strong insights invariably give me snappy comments that I use when marketing on Twitter and Facebook. BookViral direct support for marketing is also excellent, and has given my books a great marketing lift. On this third occasion, I've found the support is still superb, and I'm glad I've returned to BookViral. Highly recommended.

There are many book promotion and review sites available to indie authors, so why choose Book Viral? Most of the competition are faceless sites where you fill in a pro forma and then have no further contact (other than an invoice). My experience with Book Viral has been the opposite. These people care about the authors they work with. They are responsive and are eager to communicate so they can discover the best solutions for your project. Their reviews are beautifully constructed and the results have always been positive. I recommend Book Viral absolutely.



Tabula Rasa All The Dead Things

The Book Viral Review, done for my book, Pink Slips, gave a clear and concise snapshot of the story without giving anything away. I was done thoroughly and quickly, which was quite helpful to potential readers; the viewpoint outlined aspects that the author intended on conveying throughout the book. I highly recommend this review service for their prompt response and careful examination of the writing.


--Beth Aldrich, author of the award-winning, Real Moms Love to Eat (Penguin/NAL, 2012), Pink Slips (Restoring Essence Press, 2017).



Pink Slips

Unrivalled customer service is matched by insightful and well-written reviews that are a boon for authors who take the marketing of their books seriously. Choosing a paid book review site is always a matter of choice. and with the likes of Kirkus charging ridiculous fees BookViral provide a realistically priced alternative with equal reach. John and his team always exceeded my expectations and are an absolute pleasure to work with.


-- Stephan J Myers, Bestselling author of The Prayer (Kronos Publishing 2015)

the prayer 2017

I worked with Book Viral to launch and promote my first two books. Their reviews are professional and the follow up marketing is superb. They captured the essence of a profound love story between the two main characters of my novels, and noted the originality compared to other books in the romance genre. This could only be garnered by a thorough and thoughtful read by a reviewer who has experience in the genre I write. The pairing of authors and reviewers shows how much they care about their authors getting the best service possible. I trust them completely, and highly recommend Book Viral to fellow authors. I’m sure I’ll be working with them again in the future.


Rebecca Winkler




The Englands

I’m an indie author, and I approached Book Viral somewhat dubiously, as I have a limited budget and have dealt with another service that provided a review that I paid for—which on the face of it sounded more self-serving than impartial—and I wasn’t too thrilled with it. I read through the entire website, which is very informative and highly recommended. One thing that impressed me,—they said they wouldn’t accept a book they didn’t think was worth the time of their readers and rather than find that blunt and in-your-face, it reassured me. I do agree, their people don’t want to waste their time any more than I do mine. After I got a prompt, enthusiastic reply to a question I emailed, I decided to take the plunge. I am so glad that I did! I was happily surprised at how personal the service is. I chose the lower level for the first time. I am impressed with everything Book Viral offers; I just can't believe how you all just keep doing and doing... thank you so much! My spotlight review is twittering all over the place, as well as appearing on the Book Viral Facebook Group and new FB page, and is now on my WordPress page, my FB profile and page and my Twitter account. It’s so easy to move the spotlight review page around, and it’s so professional! I’m planning on going this route in the future.


Fantasy Author Debi Ennis Binder


The Only Review Site To Offer A Review Guarantee.

I have turned to Book Viral for my past two books as I trust their review to be detailed, honest, and eye-catching.  They regularly tweet the reviews, which is something I truly appreciate, as I tend to spend my spare time writing rather than promoting myself. Their website looks professional, and communication with them is easy, fast, and very friendly. I anticipate submitting further books to Book Viral in the future.


Author Hemmie Martin

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