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During an adventure-filled summer, will one letter  

bring two people together or force them to

say goodbye - forever?


When twenty-year-old banker Liam Roberts is introduced to a flirtatious and eye-catching young woman, their mutual attraction soon stretches boundaries he never thought he'd cross. He quickly realizes that God's plan for him may take him on a surprising and unexpected journey. Caring and considerate, the young Midwesterner doesn't suspect that the pursuit of his soul mate would be wrought with heartbreak. Raised in a conservative environment, Liam struggles with finding faith not only in his religion, but also in others, especially women. As spring turns to summer and Liam's love life starts to heat up, he leaves no stone unturned and he finds himself writing letters to someone he's never met. Will any of the women in his life be anything more than friends? If so, will he be left heartbroken once more?


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An uplifting exploration of love and faith, Summer Letters is the debut novel from author Dan Petermeier. A touching and timely reflection on the choices we make, it is an exquisite and soulful telling that courts the heart strings and demands timely reflection. Often profound and certainly wonderfully observed, Petermeier tempers his tale with honest and insightful anecdotes that perfectly capture pivotal moments in Liam’s life. Moments that lead to love and are poignantly penned in the letters he comes to write. With a veritable rhythm to be found in the cadence of his words it’s hard not to be drawn into the belief there is a higher hand at work, as he reminds us that faith is often a matter of perspective. This alone is a reason to read Summer Letters, along with a pressing need to discover how all the pieces fit together.


A delightfully thought-provoking debut and the perfect summer read, Summer Letters bodes well for future releases from Dan Petermeier and is strongly recommended.

Summer Letters

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Summer Letters

BookViral Spotlight On Author Dan Petermeier

About Dan Petermeier

Dan Petermeier grew up in Watertown, Minnesota, a small community outside Minneapolis.  After he married his wife Beth in 1994, they spent a year in Minnesota before moving to Arizona.   Their time in the desert was short-lived and they returned to the Twin Cities in 1998.   During the better part of the next thirteen years, they lived in the Twin Cities area and even worked together many of those years.  At the end of 2011, they relocated to South Florida where they currently reside.


For many years, Dan felt that God was calling him to use his writing talents to write Summer Letters.   Dan always knew what the story would be about, but until he began writing the manuscript a few years ago, he really wasn't exactly sure how all the details would unfold.   Ever since he knew he would some day write the book, the general story line never changed, but through many revisions, the details and the varying subplots took several twists and turns.   Even the title Summer Letters wasn't finalized until it met with the publisher's approval.

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