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The future is an ugly place, but we are not left without hope.  Watching through time, Trok sees the bigger purpose behind all that happens, but how everything comes together surprises even him.


With too much Science Fiction paying superficial homage to originality, it's rare to find a writer who manifests diversity in thought and execution, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of overt imitation. Bringing a unique and compelling voice to the genre, Sunshine Somerville sets herself apart with The Kota.


A sweeping, post-apocalyptic saga that delivers an authentic dystopian vision. Intricate in plot, her prose never feel forced as she weaves the strands that build her future earth. It’s shrewd, expansive, propulsive and powerful, encompassing all the requisites of great science fiction. Detail is her forte, and no more evident than in the wonderful array of characters around which The Kota ultimately revolves but never at the sacrifice of action which is abundant throughout.


Intelligent, original and maddeningly thought provoking, Kota is uncompromising science fiction at its best from an author who deserves your attention. Highly recommended!


Sunshine Somerville - In The Spotlight

The Kota

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