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Carly Boyles was once popular and dated the Captain of the football team. She wanted to be like any other fifteen-year-old teenage girl at Lakeport Central High School, but Taylor Ryans changed everything. Two weeks after their break-up, Carly can’t find a reason to live after she finds her best friend Staci Garrison; hanging all over her ex-boyfriend Taylor Ryans. Carly decides to take matters into her own hands, but is it more than just the break-up that has her world falling apart? The rules no longer apply between two best friends when a boy comes between their once forever-friendship since elementary school. One phone message changes everything and Carly’s world is shattered to pieces.



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Shrewd, hard hitting and highly thought provoking Talk To Me captures the full horror and tragedy of a shockingly familiar story without allowing any of the triteness of melodrama to dilute its message. Zadunajsky’s character is compelling. She rivets us through Carly’s voice with a narrative that’s so observant, we feel her angst and the turmoil that writhes inside her. Developing her character with insight and sensitivity whilst resisting the urge to over egg it. This is Zadunajsky at her best, delivering assured finely tuned writing with the jarring tone of an autobiographical book. She wants our attention, she wants us to get the message and yet she is canny enough to temper the reveal and still deliver a final twist that leaves us in shock as she taps into the rich seam of dialogue and action to be found in the drama of school corridors. Carly’s struggle to cope with what has happened to her is the more complex diversion in Zadunajsky’s story. It’s devastating and, at times, hard to read but its power is undeniable and few readers will put it down without feeling the need to talk about it.


An austere and intelligent examination of its subject that makes an unforgettable statement, Talk To Me is recommended without reservation.

Crowded halls filled with noisy teenagers.

Teachers, homework, and never ending tests.

Hanging with friends, dating boys, gossip, and preparing for the future.

Isn’t that what high school is supposed to be all about?


Talk To Me

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About  Donna M. Zadunajsky

Growing up as a lonely kid in the Frozen North had one thing going for it, libraries! I was a frequent visitor in every library in every place we moved to. I spent a lot of summers at my grandparents. They had an old house, with an attic and I built my own little hiding place under the eves. I found lots of old books and magazines, and spent hours reading them while listening to the rain. Many of the books in the attic were missing covers or pages, didn’t matter, I read them all, and created my own worlds.

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