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Within uncharted forest, where ancient magic keeps the night sky ever-present, stands Tenebrae Manor. Within its dusky walls dwell beings of macabre whimsy, headed by the pedant demon, Bordeaux, and the hedonistic gorgon, Lady Libra. These apparitions are content to live out their eternity in the half-lit gloom; that is until the arrival of a certain uninvited guest – a live human being – imperils the concealment of Tenebrae Manor and the livelihood of its residents. And in the forest surrounding a new threat emerges – a threat that is rattling the once still trees, and dooming the manor towards irreparable decay. But the characters are unmoored. While some seem desperate to maintain ascendancy over their ruinous home, others adopt a façade of mischievous indifference that could undo them all. And is Tenebrae Manor even worth saving? After all, eternity is a frightfully long time to spend alone...


Decidedly dark and harrowingly haunting, Tenebrae Manor by author P S Clinen is sure to raise the hairs on the nape of your neck! A masterfully paced telling, Clinen certainly knows how to build a visually complex tale, notably avoiding the pursuit of trite thrills whilst ensuring the definitive devices of horror and fantasy are ever present. Psychologically unsettling at times, his inventiveness is hard to deny, as is his alluring way with words. In tone and tenor one could draw favourable comparisons with Peake's Gormenghast, but this would be where any semblance ended. From concept to execution Clinen’s plot is flawless, confidently navigating multiple threads and there is certainly an abundance of detail. Rarely cumbersome, it’s a delightfully dark dance of manipulation that creates a genuinely disquieting sense of time and place which lingers long beyond the page.


An exquisite tale that is not easily forgotten, Tenebrae Manor marks the arrival of an evocative new literary voice in P.S. Clinen. Definitely deserving of your time, it is  recommended without reservation!

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