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A childless couple. An adoption specialist. A little girl with a secret. A young boy with unimaginable powers. A scientist with an over-inflated ego. And an elderly psychic who knows the truth.


In the fall of 2002, in Seattle, Claire and Logan Keller adopt five-year-old Samantha Jennings and welcome her into their home. But then strange, bizarre and incredible things begin to happen. The Kellers are unwittingly pulled into an unfathomable world of deception, power and suspense. They find themselves on the run from an unseen force, searching for answers while trying to stay alive. What they find waiting for them is both shocking and unforgettable.


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Smart, compelling and unquestionably demanding a read, The Adoption proves a powerful introduction to the novels of Greg Meritt. An elegantly crafted story that strikes the right balance between its psychological elements and the dictates of Science Fiction it is hugely atmospheric thanks to Meritts imaginative and visual style of writing which takes often clichéd genre tropes and makes them seem fresh and surprising. Perhaps less sensational and more ominous than other bestsellers in the genre it doesn't rely on formulaic shocks with its plot working on many different levels and continuing to surprise to the very end. To do this Meritt creates characters, who despite events, are far from gullible but rather intelligent realists through which the reader can reflect on the logical progression of a fringe science and the ramifications if left unchecked. On this level, his ability to make the implausible plausible serves him well with his casual observations poignantly phrased whilst intrigue and suspense rarely wanes. Few authors deliver such a powerful novel first time around and it’s a credit to Merrit that he does so with apparently consummate ease.


A genuine gem of a page turner and a debut which marks Greg Meritt as an author to watch, The Adoption is sure to be enjoyed by genre junkies and would transition well to other mediums. It is recommended without reservation.

A Powerful & Compelling Psychological Page Turner From Greg Meritt

The Adoption: A Psychological Thriller


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The Adoption

Greg Meritt is the youngest of three children. He was born in Everett, Washington, and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He has been a restaurant manager, a landscaper, a purchasing agent, and salesman.


As a young person in middle school, Greg became hooked on stories after reading Stephen King's "The Stand", and has been reading voraciously ever since. In 2012, he began writing his own stories and in early 2013, his short story "The Attic" was chosen out of 5,300 entries for inclusion in "The Writers Digest Short, Short Story Competition."


Greg has written over thirty short stories and a novella. The Adoption is his debut novel. Greg lives in Kent, WA with his lovely wife, three adopted children and a crazy dog.

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