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Geology instructor Alex Cave receives an urgent message about an unusual event in Iceland. What he discovers is an alien artifact more powerful than a nuclear weapon.


Janice Sloan steals the alien device and takes it into the Nevada desert. When she turns it on, it won’t shut down, so she abandons the artifact and it begins dragging the moon closer to Earth.


The adventure doesn't end when a huge emerald asteroid with a mass of solid gold is on a collision course with Earth, and will impact in six days. His only chance of changing its trajectory is with the ancient artifact, and he’s running out of time. Can he find a way to save humanity from extinction?


Our review......

An intelligent, adrenaline infused cocktail, Gravity really is a thinking reader’s science fiction thriller. The fourth instalment in Corkill’s explosive Alex Cave series he always brings a powerful sense of visual energy and imagination to his stories and Gravity is no exception. Yes, there are familiar elements made new, but with an engrossing plot and a strong cast of fully developed characters Gravity is its own creature, taking inspiration from classic science fiction thrillers, but adding a gritty sense of reality and high technology that makes the series feel wholly authentic. As with previous novels, Corkill does create memorable and likeable characters and no less than Alex Cave. High-minded and energetic he’s proven a great protagonist around which to build an ongoing series. Corkill has opted for scrupulous realism in developing him as opposed to larger than life and it’s this quality that makes him so endearing. However, as good as the characters and dialogue are, Gravity is at its best when it focuses on the sheer enormity of Caves latest mission and its consequences. The pacing is quick and agile without being frenzied and ultimately makes for a riveting and suspenseful page turner.


With the release of Gravity, the Alex Cave series goes from strength to strength. Sure to be favourably received. it is recommended without reservation.

“A fantastic ride from this bestselling and award-winning author.

A great sequel to Red Energy."


Gravity: The Alex Cave Series Book 4.

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