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Estate reserve pinot noir, QVC, and a deck of maxed-out credit cards drive Hannah and her Virginia horse farm into a financial corner. Religion, spiritualism, and an addiction to the telephone mystic, Pandora, create the agoraphobic cave into which Mitsy retreats from everyone, including her critically ill 15-year-old daughter, Sydney. Pandora trades her green tea and tofu for the cigarettes, coffee, snickers, fine wine, and hashish that muddy her mystical vision just when she needs it most. As Syd submits to weekly treatments for an illness she refuses to grace with a name, she plays The Anesthesia Game, a game that ultimately leads her to the origin of her disease and a possible way out of the struggle that binds them all. She’s only fifteen. She shouldn’t have to play anesthesia games at all. She tries not to waste time feeling sorry for herself. She knows life isn’t fair. If you’re going to survive, you have to turn it into a game you have a chance of winning, a game that makes up for lost time. A game that teaches you how to be awake even when you’re not!


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A moving, powerful, heart-warming and visionary novel, The Anesthesia Game is the latest release from Rea Nolan Martin and it proves an unforgettable celebration of friendship and fortitude. Blooming with authenticity, Martin’s keen emotional intelligence shines through from the start as she takes her readers on a captivating journey with multiple plot threads that are well-conceived and intriguing.  With an emotive narrative, her prose are delivered with refreshing candour, creating wholly endearing characters that exude strength of personality and purpose. Each one memorable for the lives they have led, the unspoken truths they have harboured and the trials and tribulations they come to face. Yet any tendency towards the maudlin is tempered as Martin maintains a fine balance between empathy and levity and it's this that really brings Sydney’s character to life and plays to the best in Inspirational Novels.  Yes, there are universal tropes at play, but she's highly endearing and with this comes the ever growing realisation that our relationships are ultimately defined by the choices we make.


A wholly original metaphysical and visionary novel from a luminary voice in Women's Fiction, The Anesthesia Game proves another superb novel from Rea Nolan Martin and is recommended without reservation.

She tries not to waste time feeling sorry for herself.

She knows life isn’t fair.

The Anesthesia Game

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THE SUBLIME TRANSFORMATION OF VERA WRIGHT (2009), MYSTIC TEA (2014), and THE ANESTHESIA GAME (9/2015). MYSTIC TEA is the recipient of the 2014 IPPY gold medallion and US BEST BOOK award for Visionary Fiction; the 2014 PINNACLE gold medallion in the category of Literary Fiction; and a finalist in the International Book Awards. Her novel, THE ANESTHESIA GAME, is the recipient of the 5 Star Readers’ Favorite insignia, 5 star Clarion Review insignia, and the 2016 IPPY gold medallion for Visionary Fiction. Rea's latest release is Walking on Water (2016).

Award Winning Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction From Rea Nolan Martin


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