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Sometimes, Something Special Comes Along.

Something Like 'HOME' From A Master Storyteller

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A gritty, brutal, honest and often painful story

of one man’s trials in life.


My birth mother deserted me just fifteen days after I was born in London. Sadly for both of us she seemed to have little choice but to abandon me. She handed me over to the local authorities after she had stoically carried me for nine months. Tragically mother and child were never to see each other again. My story continues with my journey through the fostering and adoption system, where that went wrong and the feelings of rejection after being sent away some six years later to a boarding school. My story covers abuse meted out due to skin colour, unknown parentage and humble beginnings and then swiftly moves on to a litany of injuries, surviving meningitis, drug and alcohol abuse and being disabled with an incurable spine injury. A Battle Scarred Journey then describes  how bit by bit, day by day I climbed from the bottom of my pit towards the light of freedom and salvation, a journey that in itself took ten years to where I am now. A free and content man who enjoys nothing more than his rescue dogs, positive attitude, freedom and contentment which seemed unobtainable many years ago.


There's no denying that The Battle Scarred Journey by author Kim Wheeler is a sobering read, but as dark as it is at times it is never the less a journey towards the light. A graphic and uplifting story that invites the reader to peer beyond the veil of everyday day life and walk a darker path. For many such a path might prove overwhelming, but Wheeler demonstrates an unerring ability to grasp the reality of his past. He shares his experiences with acuity and though they make for an incredibly emotive read, he refuses to cast himself in the role of victim. Wheeler is first and foremost a survivor and his journey is sure to encourage reflection. Not only on the lottery of life and seemingly insurmountable odds, but the reserves upon which we might draw to pull ourselves from the depths of despair. It’s true that Wheeler's journey is extraordinary and few of us will ever fully be able to relate to it,  but through his candidness we are reminded of the indomitable spirit that so many embrace when forced to travel the path of adversity.


Writing in honest and absorbing prose, A Battle Scarred Journey is first and foremost written from the heart. Deserving of your attention it is strongly recommended.

Author Kim Wheeler - In The Spotlight

The Battle Scarred Journey

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