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There’s a real art to writing a short picture book  children will want to read again and again but it takes something rather more elusive  to write and illustrate a bestselling children's Christmas book. The bestselling children's Christmas books of 2016 have been touted on a number of high profile media sites, but the enduring classics are the one's children and parents return to year after year. Books like The Snowman by Raymond Briggs and The Stickman by Julia Donaldson have an endearing appeal whilst A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens remains a family favourite, but The Prayer by Stephan J Myers continues to grow in popularity as a seasonal favourite and for good reason. Christmas is a time for giving but more often than not children in need get overlooked and Myers has penned an absolute classic that reminds us what Christmas is really about.  With stunning but understated watercolours and fluid thought provoking rhyme he reaches out to children and parents alike reminding us of that Christmas is not only a time for giving to friends and family but to those less fortunate than ourselves. In a Christmas Carol, Ebeneezer finds redemption through the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future but  with the Prayer, it's the reader who is offered the chance to save a homeless lantern boy. It's heartachingly poignant, beautifully written and one of the most powerful and intimate reads a parent could ever share with a young child. It's also a life lesson that children will carry with them in their thoughts Christmas after Christmas and will want to pass on for generations to come.


Beautifully illustrated and one of the most thought-provoking children's books ever written. Tears will fall, parents will hold their children a little tighter and Christmas will never be the same again. An absolute classic, The Prayer is recommended without reservation!

It's heart achingly poignant, beautifully written and one of the most powerful  reads a parent could ever share with a young child.


The Prayer: A Best Selling Christmas Classic

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