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Meet Nate, a young adolescent who has survived nothing but the worst from an abusive family and bullying at school. He meets an angel named Angie, who has experienced similar betrayals in heaven. The two begin to bond on an unusual level. As their friendship grows, Angie hears about an unstoppable war that hell plans to unleash on earth. There is no way heaven stands a chance of victory ... unless the believers on earth can stop it with their heavenly yet human bodies opposing hell's angels and demons. The young boy who was a non-believer begins training one on one with the angel. On Nate and Angie's journey, will they find happiness, love, friends, and peace in a time of war?


Our Review......

A contemporary religious fantasy that pits angels and demons in the ultimate battle, The Book Before Revelations is the debut release from author Daniel "Broken" Manning. A high octane mix of romance, action and the paranormal that manages to sidestep well-worn clichés, Manning delivers a conceptually strong plot alongside a well-paced narrative which proves refreshingly original. It’s not the most forgiving of genres to write in and far too often extreme fantasy is overwritten, but Manning manages to maintain a favourable balance between show and tell which quickly captures the imagination. Clearly, Manning is building the foundations for a series. His characters are deftly conceived, substantive and vibrant as he steers away from gaudy stereotypes, whilst action is well paced and twists in the plot are delivered with the kind of panache that keeps pages turning and readers on the edge of their seats.


An enjoyable debut and certainly an author to watch, The Book Before Revelations is sure to find many willing readers and is definetly recommended.

BookViral Spotlight On Author Daniel "Broken" Manning

The Book Before Revelations

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