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A spree of unexplained serial killings rocks the quiet, God-fearing town of Eastwood, shattering nearly 350 years of peace and harmony since the witch trials in neighboring Salem. Rachel, a successful interior decorator, finds her own past is inexplicably entwined with the happenings. Rachel’s focus on growing her clientele leads to redecorating the family homes of some of the oldest, wealthiest and most powerful women in Eastwood. With no family of her own, Rachel welcomes becoming a trusted confidant and is taken into their social circle. She learns that her own past is tied not only to this society of women but also to the town itself, and that history is darker and more sinister the deeper she dives. As she tries to learn all she can from her new friends, she finds herself in a race against time as the genteel women are being targeted and murdered before they can divulge their secrets. Each new murder leads Rachel further into their murky past to try to unearth the truth behind one cryptic symbol, and what it means to the future of the town.Pitted against the killer, will Rachel succeed in unlocking the mysteries of supernatural phenomena, save her new friends and prevent a rebirth of Wiccan hysteria? 


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With the release of her debut novel The Color Of Fear Wendy Wanner has one aim and that’s to raise the hairs on the back of our necks and keep them there until the very last page. Vividly atmospheric and powerful, as befitting the best crime thrillers, she successfully weaves the much-loved tropes of the murder mystery genre with the darker dealings of witchcraft and the result is a genuine page-turner. Well-paced with scenic settings Wanner takes us from Torryburn in West Fife to Eastwood, Massachusetts when the death of Rachel’s brother Steven sets in motion a series of dark events that will lead her to uncover her Wiccan heritage. An intelligent and intriguing read with a host of inspired characters with well-nuanced dialogue that brings each one to life her narrative benefits from strong momentum which eschews predictability. Underpinned by a multi-layered plot the shadowy elements she creates deliver an immersive and authentic feel that should leave her readers in no doubt as to the calibre of the author behind the pen.


A highly entertaining read, The Color Of Fear will likely be lapped up by fans of this popular genre whilst being sure to garner much deserved interest in future releases from Wanner. It is strongly recommended.

Murder. Unexplained events. Mysterious symbols. One woman risks her life and challenges her belief in good and evil to uncover the truth...


The Color of Fear

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WENDY WANNER writes supernatural suspense mysteries based on folklore, cultural idiosyncrasies and that little touch of the occult. With a BA in Cultural Anthropology from U.C.L.A, Wendy’s interest in cultures and religions drives her to travel the world and soak up different beliefs and traditions which surface in her novels.


Beyond being a passionate reader and traveler, Wendy is an avid dancer, yogi, and SCUBA diver and surfs and paddle boards every chance she gets. An Arizona desert girl at heart, Wendy is the mother of two boys and now lives in Dubai with her Scottish husband.

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