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Politics, intrigue, conspiracy

and scandal abound.


Aboard the majestic new airship Onanaga, some of the most influential and powerful people in the Confederated Kingdoms of Bree are berthed. Politics, intrigue, conspiracy and scandal abound. However, when the Onanaga is unexpectedly boarded by the mythical ‘Stick’ people, and the doctor in residence is forced to treat their Reverent Ancestor, a prophecy is revealed; “ in three days, no more than four, a massive quake will tear these mountains apart and most life within two hundred miles

will be destroyed.” The leaders must put aside their vast differences and unite in order to save the people of LeFor. It becomes a duel against the speed of fate to convince an arrogant, callous ruler of the imminent danger, evacuate the hapless residents of an entire kingdom, and gain safe passage through perilously volatile lands.


Taking the themes of political conspiracy and intrigue, The Confederated Kingdoms Of Bree is Book Four in the Tales of Menel Fenn series by K.D. Nielson and it’s another gem of a read that is sure to meet with approval from fans of this popular series. Typically avoiding overt complexity, Nielson’s style is to only reveal what is necessary to the execution of his plot and in doing so consistently achieves a balance between the requisite detail of world building demanded by the genre and well-paced narrative. The SF fantasy elements are well considered, but whilst prevalent remain never the less thematic as it’s Nielson’s characters that drive this storyline. They are imaginative and thoughtfully introduced, bringing depth and complexity to his tale and ably build the foundations for latter releases in the Menel Fenn series. It’s advisable to read the books in sequence to fully appreciate the ambitious scope of Nielson's series, though all of the books work well as standalone novels.


Another excellent addition to a must read series, The Confederated Kingdoms Of Bree undoubtably deserves your consideration and is strongly recommended.

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The Confederated Kingdoms of Bree

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