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Delivering another superb novel Leibowitz has done his many fans proud with a truly exceptional read.

IGOR ELISEEV The Austin Paradox

"A Powerful and fascinating foray into the future of science and its unforeseen consequences"

Jews, Christians, Moslems, and Canaanites all share an ancient dream of possessing the land that lies between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea which they hold sacred. In 1956 an Egyptian spy, Ishmael al Mohammed, is determined to gain information which will reclaim the infant state of Israel for the displaced Palestinian Arabs, one of whom is his mother. While on a secret espionage mission posing as an Israeli, he falls passionately in love with an Israeli woman, Rebecca Silverman. He must decide if he will betray the only person he will ever care for or be true to Islam, Egypt, and his family. A Christian, Danny O'Halloran, has always dreamed of walking the Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem, while a pagan donkey goddess named Palés dreams of being worshipped again by the original inhabitants of Canaan, which was renamed Palestine in her honor.


Playing out against the deceit and treachery that marked the 1956 Suez War between Israel and Egypt, The Conspiracy Of Dreams is an entrancing tale of forbidden romance, betrayal and prophecy that spans three millennia of history. From Israel, Egypt, Britain and France, author Sandra Biber Didner takes her readers on an electrifying journey that is wonderfully vivid and unrestrained. Ably capturing the magnitude of historical events it’s a tale that is rich in character development and laden with drama whilst surely benefitting from a meticulous eye for detail. Clearly, the imaginings of an acerbic mind, Didner has created astute, honest, and most notably, believable characters that quickly materialize in the mind and bring an undeniable sense of authenticity to her tale. Bringing the struggle for truth to the fore, in a world where lies prevail, it will leave many of her readers reflecting upon the interpretation of history and the fettered boundaries of forbidden romance.


An enviable debut by any standard, The Conspiracy Of Dreams marks the arrival of a intriguing and vibrant new literary voice in author Sandra Biber Didner and is recommended without reservation.

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The Conspiracy Of Dreams

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