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A special stone hidden in a quiet cove in Cornwall more than 200 years ago, is the object of a desperate search by two opposing factions.


When Harry and his school friends discover a code whilst holidaying in the cove, they assume it will lead them to hidden treasure. But dark forces, with seemingly supernatural powers, are working against them.


The teenagers soon find themselves caught up in a deadly battle, and will be lucky to escape with their lives, let alone get their hands on the treasure.


Our review......

Stylishly written and full of atmosphere, The Darziods’ Stone marks another enticing release from Richard Smith. Combining sincere engagement with genre tradition, the clever touches which imbued the pages of Time Trap are very much in evidence. The scene setting is crisp and characters are expertly sketched to deliver a tale that is both adventurous and a joy to read. Much of the novel’s appeal is Smiths underpinning historical research and attention to detail and there’s no doubt that he’s a wonderfully solicitous wordsmith. Both plot and sub-plots are managed well with no loose ends and whilst it’s an intricate tapestry he weaves there is an overall sense of levity that prevails. Harry and friends are a little more complex than Smith’s characters in Time but the rhythm of his narrative remains contemplative and the converging timelines will have readers happily devouring Smiths distinctive brand of mysticism and the paranormal.


A welcome release from Smith and one that is sure to win broad

approval from readers of all ages. The Darziods’ Stone

is recommended without reservation.

What If He Could Rule

Over The Whole World?


The Darziods' Stone

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A hugely enjoyable time romp. Not only a perfect mix of fantasy, intriguing technology and action to keep even the most demanding of young readers entertained, it has more than its share of mystery to boot. Evolving at a cracking pace, the plot is well conceived with Smith cleverly integrating London landmarks into the action. It really is faultless in its telling with Smith’s fluid prose and timely dialogue bringing real resonance to his characters, always careful to maintain an element of suspense, but tempering it with a dash of humour which prevents it from getting too dark or serious for his target readers.


An undeniably fun and engaging read, Time Trap will certainly pique your interest and leave its readers wanting more. Raising high expectations of future releases from author Richard Smith, it is recommended without reservation!

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